How big is too big? When it comes to handbags..

  1. The question is...When it comes to big is too big? I am returning a Kooba Paige Large Shoulder Bag to Saks as it is huge, at least for me. It measures close to 17" across and 14" tall. I was so in hopes that it would work for me but I'm a slightly built gal and it is overpowering. Not to mention heavy. Today I was lucky enough to grab a Kooba Lena on sale at for a great price so I'm hoping this will be alittle bit better of a fit. I'm not as fond of the Lena but maybe I will like it IRL and it is alittle smaller. Do you gals usually carry bags this big or are these large bags more of a "fad"? How big is too big?
  2. i like big bags, but i'm not skinny-skinny and i'm not short, so it's easier for me to go bigger. i feel a little strange carrying small bags. that and the fact that i carry more than the essentials. i don't think large bags are a fad. i think certain types of large bags are, but that's the same with small bags as well. i think "too big" depends on the size of the person. that said, i've seen several pics of tPFers rocking big bags on tiny frames. it's all up to personal preference in my opinion. hope you like your lena :smile:
  3. I am 5'4" and about 130 lbs...not too skinny not too tall....and I carry around the Paige and the MJ Stella - both BIG bags - and I have a Botkier Bombay Tote which is pretty big - but I can handle it - I just have to be in a "big bag mood"...
  4. Yeh, I'm 5'4" and about 105 lbs. so maybe it's my small frame that makes it so obvious. Possibly that and the fact that it would have been the largest bag that I had ever carried. I have a Kooba Renee, Nisha and a Sienna but they are not as large as the Paige. I've been looking for a black Kooba so I'm in hopes that the Lena will be just the right bag.
  5. no such monster.
  6. I'm 4'11 and kind of heavy/average. I like my bags big. I need to fit my carp in bags. But I think over 16" is way too big - for me. I can't even believe that some bags are 20" wide!

    If you are petite and LIKE big bags or want to carry more, but are afraid of looking silly with a large bag ... don't worry. First of all, it depends on the bag's style, if it's fabulous, you'll rock it. If you love it, you won't care. I also just think that if we're that into bags, then a tiny girl with a big huge bag just makes a bigger statement about fab bag loving!
  7. For me, bags can never be too big!
  8. I am very tall and not slight and for me 15 inches is a maximum width/length. Any bigger and I fill the bag with stuff I don't need that weighs me down and feels incredibly unwieldy in a crowded city. I seriously think it is quite anti-social for me to be lugging round an enormous bag on a crammed tube train if I don't have to! I also think that the super huge bags look a bit silly, especially when they are being carried by a woman with a 2litre bottle of water in her other hand. Where can she be going that she needs that much stuff I always wonder . . . Is it work or a brief trip to the North Pole?!
  9. i'm 5'4" and 85lbs... my biggest bag is balenciaga weekender :
  10. I think it depends on the proportions of the person but I find those bags are are ultra large. Example, when slinged on the shoulder, it probably ends around the thigh area.

    It's not just a health hazzard but isn't it hard to find anything in just a huge bag?
  11. I agree that the size of the wearer tends to affect how big a bag they can carry well. :yes:

    I also think the proportions of a bag, its weight, the length of its strap and how slouchy it is has a major affect on whether a large bag is wearable, or not.

    My Tiger Hobo is 18" wide, but because it is...

    a) very light (virtually no hardware),
    b) hangs low on the body (so it doesn't force my arm out at an unnatural angle),
    c) is very soft and slouchy,
    d) is a comfortable, rounded shape and
    e) is not too tall, or too deep...

    ...unless it is packed full of stuff, it doesn't seem big at all. In fact, I could easily carry a 20" wide bag like this, maybe even more.

    Conversely, a stiff, rectangular, tall, deep, bag with a short strap/short handles and tons of heavy hardware, would be too big and cumbersome for me, even at a considerably narrower width.

    Coming to think of it, a mathematician could probably work out an equation for this question! :biggrin:
  12. I didn't really think I could ever go too big, but it really depends on the type of bag. I've learned that I'm just not a tote kind of gal.
  13. bigger the better for me! heck, im close to carrying luggage sometimes and i love it!
  14. As somebody who owns an Oversize YSL Muse, nothing is TOO big!

    That said, I wouldn't carry a huge bag every day, all the time. But its good to have a few large bags on hand for when you are toting a lot.
  15. :yes: agreed!