How big is the Speedy 40 compared to....

  1. the 35? Is the 40 to big for an everyday bag? I have never seen one(40) irl. I love the speedy but the 30 is too small for me, so I'm leanning towards a 35. I like big bags but not luggage kwim! If anyone has both please post pics, Thanks!!!!:smile:
  2. Its really BIG!! Its like carryon luggage, if the 30 too small for you the 35 would be perfect! The 25 was way too small for me so I got the 30.
  3. Wow, the 40 really is big. I must inform my mother who's thinking of puchasing one in this size. She thinks 35 is too small also.
  4. I'm 5'6 and have a small frame but I carry a 35. Its perfect! The 40 looks like luggage IMO
  5. I have the 40, but only use it as carry-on luggage...
    I wouldn't use it as something for daily-use, since I think it looks too big on me, and I'm 5'6.
  6. i would choose the 35 for an every day bag.
  7. Thanks everyone for your help!!!! I'm 5'7 so the 40 will definitely be to big for me too. glad I have this place to come to before I took the plunge... Thanks again!
  8. The 40 is huge,well for me at least,i say go for a 35.
    The 40 is more for light travel.
  9. I think if you like LARGE bags then you should go with the 35, the 40 is like luggage.
  10. i have the 30 for every day:yes:- and the 40 i use for travel:woohoo:.... hmmmm- maybe i should get the 35!:upsidedown::lol::lol::lol:

    oh great- a quiet sunday on the pf and now i want a 35- a tulum - a pouchette - a j+l key chain...............
  11. 40 all the way it looks so shic
  12. Old thread .. But, I'd say 35 is a
    great size !!!!