How Big is the Small Muse?

  1. Dear ladies, I'm a bit confused about the size availability for Muses. My salesperson at YSL said Muse only comes in Medium, Large, and Extra-Large, but I read here that there is a Small?

    How big is the Small? i'm starting to feel that maybe Small is the size for me, since I don't like anything bigger than 12" wide ... TIA:flowers:
  2. Your SA is right .My SA told me that too. I think the smallest one is medium and its height is amost half the size of XL.
  3. I have seen a REALLY small Muse that would be better suited as an evening bag of sorts. It was about eight inches wide and about 8-10 inches tall. I saw it in silver and gold a few months ago.
  4. i have also seen the small in gold, and wicked's dimensions sound about right. it was definitely just an evening bag, probably not big enough for daily use
  5. So let me get this straight. There are FOUR sizes for the Muse? Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large (Oversize)? The Small is an evening size bag that's no bigger than 10" in width (at the base), right?

    How big is the Medium then? I've been told that the base for the Medium is 14" and I've heard that it's 12". Which is it? If I prefer carrying bags that are the sizes of an A4 paper or Letter-size paper (like a Birkin 30cm or Bolide 31cm), which size Muse is best for me? TIA:flowers:
  6. The small Muse looks like an evening bag, I don't think it goes over the shoulder. The medium muse is probably the best for you, look at some photos of the ladies wearing them, but probably you want to check it out at Saks or the YSL boutique.
  7. I spent some time scrutinizing the sizes yesterday in the YSL boutique and these are my findings...:flowers:
    The small evening bag seems to only come in evening-type materials (I saw bright gold leather with a bow) and is quite tiny - enough for a wallet and phone and compact and that's about it! The medium comes in all of the leather and patent colors and is definitely a handbag as opposed to a tote. I think an A4 sized piece of paper/notepad/agenda may fit in it, but not sure b/c of the rounded top. You could definitely fit all of the essentials in there (- wallet, phone, make-up, small book, ipod). I could just barely get the medium on my shoulder - but I am not small (5'10" med. frame) so it may work better for petite ladies. The large is a small tote size that would easily fit an 8x11.5 sized folder plus the essentials above. Its straps also go over the shoulder (slightly more easily than the medium). The oversize or XL is easily twice as big as the medium and is really a different shape, being more elongated through the body and with short straps that definitely do not go over the shoulder.
    All are attractive in shape and size, although the oversize definitely makes the most statement as an 'it' bag. I found the large and medium to be pretty subtle - especially in the more classic colors.
    Hope this helps! :smile:
  8. That sounds about ctm. Of course, I inquired about the orange Muse at Saks. I asked the SA what size the purse came in and he told me small, medium, and large. He will not be getting my sale.
  9. Doh! Yes, no thank you! Saks should make sure their SAs are more educated! I don't know where you are, gloss_gal, but the SA who helped me at the YSL boutique in SF was superb. She was friendly and patient with my endless hemming and hawing (I was trying to decide between lg. black leather and lg. ochre patent) and she was very knowledgeable. Her name is Elise and I would highly recommend going through her to make purchases if you - or any PF member - are in the bay area.