How big is the Read PM?

  1. I've been looking at it online, but can't seem to get a visual of how big it is when carried. Does anyone have pics they could post of themselves wearing their Read PM? And are the straps long enough to be worn on the shoulder?Thanks!
  2. hope this helps
    100_1379.JPG CrisLVReadeStuff.jpg reade.jpg PandaClesReade.jpg feb16009.jpg
  3. I wanted it SO bad, but I saw it IRL today and :sad: it's tiny.. I thought it was a little bigger. it's still cute though
  4. Wow! THe pic w/bagfetish holding it really helps! I had no idea it was so small! But...I still want one!
    Traci...your indigo...yummy.
  5. It's really tiny, but I think it's the perfect size! It holds most of the essentials, but I think you can fit a lot in there if you organize well. :yes:

    The straps are too short to put on your shoulder; I know with the reade mm you can fit it on your shoulder, but I've heard that's really uncomfortable.

    I've been able to put the reade pm on the crook of my arm if that helps.
  6. It is small, but I guess I like small bags. I can fit all of my essentials in it with room to spare. I guess I don't carry much. The straps are definitely too short for shoulder wear.
  7. The straps are definitely too small to put on your shoulder but can fit on your arm.
  8. Yeah. it is tiny. I looks good in the pics but when u see it IRL, its small, plus the open top is kinda an issue.
  9. it looks small but it actually fits a lot cuz it has a wide opening.... one of the things i don't like about reade....i got my cell pickpocketed when i was carrying my reade -_-"
  10. I was really disappointed to see the reade IRL, it was much smaller than I expected. It would be better if it were the same size as the small batignolles.