How big is the Picotin? colors? Price?

  1. Hello guyss,

    Just wondering how big is the picotin? - does anyone have any modelling pics they want to share.

    Also, what are the colors does it come in and how much does it cost?

    Many Many Many Thanks!
  2. I don't own any picotin, but I find this measurements from a Japanese booklet. Hope this will help.

    GM: H30xW30xD20
    PM: H17XW20XD14
  3. Thanks! Just 2 more questions - is it in inches? and what does GM, MM, PM stand for?
  4. PM is the small size, petit modele

    MM is the medium size, moyen modele

    GM is the large size, grand modele

    (I'm not sure if I've got the spelling right)

    There is not a huge difference between the PM and MM size but the GM is a much larger bag altogether.
  5. And then there is also the TGM (tres grand modele) which is 30x30x30 I believe.
  6. it comes in suede, vibrato, togo, clemence, chevre...
    i think it comes in pretty much all the colors and also in bi-color, with contrast piping and the leather under the handles.
    it's unlined unless it's vibrato or suede (suede is still unlined, but the smooth leather is on the inside, kind of neat), or white - for some reason, i think the white generally comes lined (a few members would better know based on experience).
    oh, and the measurements are in cm.
  7. It also comes in bi-color with one half of the bag one colour and the other half of the bag another.
  8. Oooh, yes, I've seen this and think they are just FAB! Like a totally mod version of the Picotin. Now all I need is one in turquoise and vert anis to pop its head into my store....:yes:

  9. The measurement is in cm.
  10. Would you say that the PM is very very small?? what can i fit in it?
  11. I just took some pics of what fits in a PM...resizing now...
  12. Awww thanks crochetbella!! your a star!
  13. ohhh and how much is it?? that's my last question i promise
  14. *hugs* It was $1625 plus tax. You can fit a suprising amount in the PM...I use a small Purseket in it which is nice because it gives you pocket space. Here's the pics...I included the modeling pic to give a sense of the size...I'm 5'7 and a size 8. :smile:
    tmpphp7rKc7o.jpg tmpphpnHG507.jpg tmpphpvuX5S4.jpg tmpphpyatQMG.jpg