How Big is the MJ Multipocket that costs ~$895?

  1. I just ordered one in Bordeaux and want to know what to expect. Anyone with pics, dimensions, impressions - please share!!!
  2. I have mine with me:smile: Not including the pockets on the sides mine measures about 9.5 across & around 8 high by about 4.5. I have a ZC clutch wallet, LV small agenda, cell, lipgloss, bunch of keys & a few other random things in it with room to spare. I love it!!! and the bordeaux looks gorgeous online!
  3. I have the Large MP but I don't know what the exact dimensions are though. Do a search for "Large Multipocket" in the MJ Reference thread...there are tons of pics posted there. :smile:
  4. Congrats!!! Lovely color!

    Check here for pics of others - some will be large - Your is the Small MP

    [​IMG] Post Pics Of Your Mj Multipockets Here!
  5. You guys are amazing! I love how fast I can get a response! My bag comes today so I guess I will see it soon.

    forenfinal: Thanks so much for directing me to the Multipockets really helped!

    I just received my MJ Bev in the mail last week. Love it!
  6. It is a lovely color.
  7. Got it yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous. It fits so nicely on my arm. ;)
  8. Glad you like! Love to see pix
  9. kbell, i'm relatively new to the forum, and i'm having trouble posting pics.

    do you have any recommendations?
  10. borrowed from another poster:
    Originally Posted by thithi [​IMG]
    I like to use this website, you don't need an account and it gives you size options right below the browser bar. Select your file, the size, and then upload your pic. You can then either save it to your desktop and use the thumbnail option on tpf to upload, or use their link to copy paste here. I hope it works out!

    - also - my camera allows resizing on it to a smaller size - takes 1/2 a sec to modify each photo b4 I download them to my PC :smile: So check your camera - it may be really easy. Your pix are probably just too big. To resize on my sony it's in the menu. Good luck!!
  11. The bordeaux is TDF!!! The color is amazing.
    YAY for you! I am so glad you love it!!!

  12. I can't wait to see it!! Bordeaux is a lovely color. Congrats! The small MP may sound small, but it's surprisingly roomy.
  13. I love bordeaux! Congrats!!