How big is the giant hardware on the town and the first?

  1. I know it is smaller than the regular giant hardware used on the giant cities but is it as small as the giant hardware used on the accessories (e.g. giant coin purse, giant pencil etc.) or is there a new size of giant hardware somewhere in between?
  2. The RGGH on the Town I saw looked like the giant hardware on the little accessories - the little version of the GH on the bigger bags.
  3. I don't have giant accessories, but I have a giant town. I think they are the same size!
  4. Thanks SkyBlueDay and saira1214. I haven't seen a Giant Town or Giant First IRL but I would think the accessory-sized version of the GH would be really nice on those bags. And probably wouldn't make as significant a weight differential as the regular GH makes on the cities.
  5. Hi, saira - I didn't hold the Town RGGH up against the PT RGGH, but sales assistant and I thought Town's was smaller, which is why the Town looks in such perfect proportion. I did get the impression, though, that the RGGH on the Town was smaller than the GGH on my Officier Day - maybe the GH differs in size on different bags? Or the GH is smaller in 2010 than previous years?Now I'm confused!
  6. You are correct SkyBlueDay, the hardware on the Town is smaller than the hardware on the Day. I was curious if the smaller Town hardware was the same size as the hardware on the accessories or if Bal came out with a new "medium" sized giant hardware for the Towns and Firsts. Saira is saying that she thinks the giant town hardware is the same size as the accessory hardware.
  7. I didn't know there were different size of giant hardware (I'm a RH girl :biggrin:).

    I just ordered a Giant Hardware bracelet tough, so I would like to see the different sizes.

    May someone post a comparaison pic please ? :biggrin:
  8. Here is a photo of my Giant Hobo (right side) compared to my Giant Chic (left side). The giant hardware on the hobo would be the "regular" size and is the same as the hardware on the city, day, part time, work. I believe there is only one "smaller" size hardware which is used on smaller pieces. The "regular" size is significantly larger than the "smaller" size - I would say at least twice as large. I don't know if there are any other sizes than these two.

  9. Thanks you Nothern Dancer ! I feel stupid for not realizing there were two sizes of hardware !
  10. ^^^ Thanks for clarifying saira's observation for me, northerndancer :smile:
  11. Oh no, I didn't realize what I started! Yes, the hardware on the Town is not giant. It is smaller and more likely the size that is put on bal acessories. For clarification we can call it small giant hardware. The giant hardware that is put on days, works, cities, pom-pom, velo, etc is indeed giant. The small giant hardware is an option for the "giant" first and "giant" town. I hope that helps!

  12. Thanks saira. I am interested in a Giant Town and was hoping it was the same size as the "small giant" hardware on the smaller pieces like coin purses and my chic.

    p.s. I was looking for so many different ways to say "small giant" without actually saying "small giant". It does sound like an oxymoron to me. :biggrin:
  13. To help minimise confusion for myself, I think of the hardware in following way:
    * "RH" (Regular Hardware) as named by Bal, which most people seem to know that as the original hardware
    *"giant thimbles" (the ones we see on the standard GSH and GGH - thus making them "giant thimbles"?) and
    *"regular thimbles" (since the RRGH on the Town are the same size as the RH)
    and then attach the metal colours - giant thimble silver/gold/rose vs. regular thimble silver/rose/gold.

    Of course explaining to the SA what I am looking for then confuses me again when we both have to go back to the standard Bal nomenclature.

    There presently appears to be no way around the slight confusion, apart from putting Bal items with different hardware next to one another :smile: