How big is mini pochette?

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  1. Im looking to get one so i can use it for the club or to go out and have just the essentials (money, keys, phone, id, etc) but im wondering how big is the chain attached to it? does it just go up to ur elbow or can it really go all the way up the arm like a small purse? or is it just a wrist holding type of thing? if someone could let me know, that would be great :smile: im basically concerned about the chain part
  2. a pic of what it can hold [​IMG]
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    I love the mini pochette. It's so cute! It can hold my iPhone (with a case on), a lipgloss, some cash and cards. I can totally see it as something you can carry to a club. I find it a little weird when you put the string "end to end" to make a wristlet. The leather tab makes it looks strange when you do that. I guess because it makes it longer or something. Anyway, I think it looks better when you leave the chain like it's a purse. I can carry it on my shoulder or wrap the chain around my fingers. For reference, I'm 5ft, 100lbs and my arms aren't too big. Sorry if the pictures are too big. I don't know how to do thumbnails.


  4. Here are the pictures.

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  5. Hi! I have it in damier azur, and I love it, I put in my phone, lipstick, identity card, keys, and some money. ;) very useful, I put it attached on my jeans.