1. Can any one give me an idea? It looks soo cute on the website, and I am goign shopping on sunday, but I want to have an idea. Is it really small? How much can you fit? What other bags can you compare it with? Thanks all!
  2. I almost bought it. I thought it was a good size for my non-school daily needs (long wallet, cell, keys, skinny, wristlet, gum, ipod, etc.) Did that help?
  3. Yes! Thank you! I am undecided on what I want! lol! I like that and the reversible tote! lol.
  4. The reversible tote I believe is a lot bigger. Do you have a store that you can go to and check them out in real life? When I went to the store I didn't like I few bags that I just LOVED online. Do let us know what you decide!

  5. Oh yes, I know the reversible tote is a lot bigger. But I am undecided of what I want, a big bag, or a small bag! lol! This Sunday I am going to go shopping! lol! You can buy the new perfume at the store correct?
  6. I am pretty sure you can, and if they are our or you cant you can order it from there and they can ship to you for free!
  7. The pouches are bigger than a makeup bag. A tote is a totally different size.

    I couldn't use a pouch. I wouldn't like the way I would have to carry it.
  8. I have a signature striped pouch, and it's pretty small. Fits my wallet, keys, cell phone, and pager...that's about it. And I have to carry it in the crook of my arm (the strap is too short to fit on my shoulder). But it's really cute, though...just not a bag to use if you're hauling a lot of stuff.