how big is a wapity?

i can fit my cell, a pack of cigarettes, a credit card and money (sans the wallet, of course).
it's a lot tinier than i thought it would be.
I just got a black MC one the other day to go in my GD charlotte and I love it so much I may break down and get a monogram one for my brown bags. It is currently holding: my cell, my keys, credit card, driver's license, money, and a lip gloss. It's great because I can take it out of my bag for a quick trip into a store. Also a great way to organize my things when I am carrying my diaper bag for my son.
allison said:
I just remembered, wasn't there a picture of Jessica with her wapity?

There is, Selena posted it and I think it's under Celeb Gossip forum. It shows you the proportions when you're going to use it by itself. Very cute!
I originally took these for my opening post, but I'll spoil here.



Today I swapped mirror out for my Razr plus some cash and did just fine out and about today.

Length-wise it's about a little smaller than a normal index card. To give you a mental picture.
Yea, if you have a lot of keys that you lug around, those may be the only thing you can fit in there besides your cell. If you scale down your keys or just put them on one keychain then I'm sure you could fit everything in there just fine.