how big are your wallets chickies (size, not $$$)

  1. i'm still trying to decide about my b-bag le compagnon & thought it might help if i ask around & see what you gals are toting :smile: ...and if you've got pictures to share, that's even better!!!
  2. after spending years looking for the perfect wallet, i now carry a compagnon (olive). the most user-friendly wallet i have ever carried!
  3. bama-girl, i am currently carrying a fendi wallet which is the exact same style as the LV french purse ;)
  4. I use a large Maxx NY green wallet that holds my checkbook. I am really rough on wallets for some reason and never get more than 6 mos out of one and because of that I haven't bought a designer wallet yet. Maybe its time to try!
  5. I have the Dior Gaucho wallet (16?cm) which is the size of the compagnon and I have a LV epi compact wallet which is almost half size of the dior and if I take the city I can take the dior but into my first I use the LV because I have still enough room for my other stuff with the Dior it's not much space left. I'll take pics tomorrow with both so you can have a better idea.
  6. I used to switch out my wallets to match the color of my bags. (Get a life, right?)

    Now, I've ditched them all and just use Louis Vuitton's "Zippy Organizer." I love it!!!! Its big enough to hold a checkbook, or even a passport, and I think the monogram canvas goes with everything. When I carry a small bag, I switch to LV's "Zipped Compact Wallet."

    (See them @ elux)

  7. i carry around this funky turquoise quilted number with caramel stitching and caramel leather interior, but with lime green silk lining. I dont know who made it... but its really fun. Its the size of a normal checkbook ;)

    its super-fun and fabulous!
  8. I love my Compagnon, it's black and goes with everything, super roomy
    to hold lots of stuff, but looks clean and neat all zipped up!
  9. I also carry a LV zippy - it holds everything! I think it may be an inch or 1/2 inch on one side bigger than the Compagnon. I think either one is a great choice.
  10. I love the LV Zippy...I think it is very classic.
    What is the interior like & what is the retail price?

    Thank you,

  11. The interior is great--tons of pockets and sections to stay organized. Interior pics are available at, search on "Zippy Organizer."
  12. thank you all soooooooooo much for your replies :flowers: ...after trying out my stuff in miss bordeaux & carrying her around in a ziploc baggie on my errands today (lol!!!), i've decided she's a keeper :love: ...i really do need a bigger wallet & she's the 1st good one i've ever bought, she's in my favorite b-bag color & i'm already getting used to the new size :heart:
  13. keep her aaallabama, that's my dream wallet!
  14. Yay! I was just about to tell you to keep her! Like, didi, the le compagnon is my dream wallet, too. :love:
  15. awe, thanks ladies, AR can make dreams come true for you too!!!

    p.s. and no, i don't work for AR (couldn't resist!!!) :P