How big are the pockets on the Stellina?

  1. Are they about as big as a Portatelefono? A little bigger? What can they hold? Thanks guys!
  2. I would say it's about size of the porta, maybe a little bigger....i can fit my cell phone (i have a RAZR) and still have lots of room.
  3. I was thinking about keeping my cell phone in the zipped pocket, my DS in one of the outer pockets and then makeup in the other... do you think this would work?
  4. i don't own a ds, but it should fit. My phone is quite big and my digital camera fits and it has some room left.
  5. Cool, thanks for your help!
  6. I have a DS Lite and it fits perfectly in the pocket.
  7. you're very welcome!;)
  8. Your cell phone would definitely fit in the zipper pocket (I have a RAZR too), and I am able to fit my video iPod in the outer velcro pocket without it being tight.
  9. My current FAVORITE style toki is the Stellina!!! I happen to have both a DS and a DS Lite in the house so I took a photo of one of my Stellina's with them in the front pockets. My huge Sony/Ericson W3ooi cell phone fits with extra room in the rear zipper pocket on the Stellina. It's a great bag, still pretty small but can easily hold a large wallet, check book and a bottle of water with plenty of room to spare.

    Hope the photo helps you in making your decision .
  10. Wow... yeah that photo actually did help a lot, I saved it! I was starting to think after looking at a few more photos that the Corriere might be a little big for what I'm used to carrying around everyday, and this really helps in my decision since after the photo I think the Stellina would be the perfect size. Plus they're generally cheaper and easier to find, and come in more prints (like Tan Playground, another of my favorite prints).:love: