How best to describe the worry????

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  1. SO about 6 weeks ago...we had a major change in our life in Hong Kong. My husband's job brought him back to the U.S., with only 1 day notice. I frantically packed all of our things,and ended up with 11 suitcases for the airplane and 1/2 of a container to go by sea. Being as paranoid as I am about my bags...I packed all of my favorites in a carry-on, because I couldn't take a chance that my suitcase would get lost...or that something would happen with the boat shipment. Somehow I ended up leaving my holiday red metallic first!! I am sure that it must have gone in one of the boat boxes....but I can't stop worrying about it's poor, lonely self. I won't have my things for about another month...and I am so anxious to find my dear little red bag...not to mention all of my shoes!!! The good news is that I did make it back with DH, the 3 kids, and the kitty!!!!! I just cannot remember packing my fabulous red bbag....
  2. Oh babe sending you lots of hugs, i am sure she will be safe. She will just be slowly making her way to you, in a panic you wont remember everything you packedso dont worry she will be ok!
  3. Wow, I can't believe you had to move on ONE day's notice! That is barbaric. I hope you find your bag ok. That must be so stressful.
  4. Well, anne, I'm sure that your Bbag is safe and sound. In the hubbub of your sudden move it's not unusual to forget where some things might've been packed. Fingers crossed, you'll be reunited with your missing bag soon enough...
  5. I feel so ridiculous to even have that be a I am sure there are many things that were forgotten...BUT....I will be so happy when we are together again!!!!
  6. Well back to the states. =) I'm sure your little red bag will be fine.
  7. wow what a change!
    anyway i am glad you, your family, and the b bag family are safe!
  8. In the packing frenzy, it must have slipped into one of the container boxes, don't worry, it'll be with you soon! There is no way that you lost it! Hugs!!!!
  9. You poor thing!!!

    I am sure you little red bag will be safe and sound and waiting for holiday parties when she turns up in three months

  10. Wow Anne! I can't believe they gave you no notice!! I would have flipped! I'm sure your bag will turn up, hon.
  11. Yikes! I'd say you did really great having to get all of that together in a day!!! Sheesh - I would have left one of my kids behind for sure (intentionally) :roflmfao::roflmfao: I'm sure your bag will turn up!!
  12. Jeez, you had to pack everything in 1 day!?:wtf::wtf:
    You poor thing....! Don't worry, your metallic red will come home to its mommy safe and sound!

    But I know how you feel. When I moved to Sydney from NYC, I was only allowed 1 suitcase per person into the airplane, and some ridiculous weight limit(I think it was 20lbs) I had no choice but to send half of my stuff(I left the other half at home)by boat. Some of my Bbags and my Manolos went into those boxes...... I was so worried that my stuff would be ruined by being tossed around/ being rained on..etc. But really, it was all fine.

    Don't worry about it too much!:tup:
  13. :sad:
    Oh gosh, how awful! I get paranoid just leaving a hotel when my trip is over. I am always affraid something was left behind. But to have to pack a whole household on such short notice! How frantic you must have been. I will send good thoughts your way, and please let us know when your precious bag is back safely in your arms!
  14. Sending you positive thoughts that you and your bbag baby will reunite soon. Welcome Back to the States :welcome:.
  15. Oh no! What a horrible feeling to have, I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I hate that frantic feeling of looking everywhere for something only to not find it...I hope your bag is in the container making its way towards you across the Pacific! Actually, I'm quite sure it is, where else could it be, right? Please keep us updated and let us know when you are reunited!

    I miss Hong Kong so and wish I was there for the 10 year celebration of '97. Welcome back to the good ole U.S. as we celebrate our Independence!