How Best to Approach Major Problem: CC Stolen Possibly From Saks Purchase...

  1. So some of you may CC number was stolen (not the actual card) and over 9K charged.

    Reported fraud to bank (it was my debit card). They said it was Macys and Neiman Marcus online purchases.

    After calling them, I immediately called Macys and Neiman Marcus...gave them the CC number and was able to cancel the orders :yahoo: I also find out that the delivery address was somewhere in San Antonio, TX.

    So 2 things:

    1. Hubby made an online purchase the night before from a company in California. Hubby called the company and they claim that they have no access to the CC numbers, and that numbers are deleted after authorization.

    2. 3 weeks ago I made a telephone purchase with Saks in San Antonio. And coincidentally...the shipping address was in San Antonio.

    What do I do? I am so scared now to give my CC# over the phone (but buying Balenciaga...that's about all I can do because I live in nowheresville).

    How do I approach this? Do I call the SA (who was so super friendly) and ask how she kept track of my CC number? Do I call Saks?

    Or, since I plan on pressing criminal charges in San Antonio (once bank obtains all the relevant information) let the police take care of it????
  2. Id call the SAKS manager there first and give them the heads up......But let the police handle the rest.....
  3. That was one of the things I considered. Thinking that since I am not 100% sure it is from there....possibly just a coincidence it is in the exact same city...IDK!
  4. as long as you call your bank w/in a certain timeframe from the fraudulent activity then you are usually only liable for the first $50

    why were you using your debit card? It's really hard to get your cash back immediately. Working in compliance I can tell you I've seen people take up to 61 days to get their cash back.

    You should absolutely press charges because that's the only way to keep id theft from occurring.

    Make sure you monitor your credit report for the next 60 days for suspicious activity. Call the 3 bureaus first and place fraud alerts on all your accounts. This will prevent other accounts from being opened.

    Good luck!
  5. Agreed!!!
  6. Forgot to say....sorry you're going through this, twigs. I had my wallet stolen 7 years ago....$3000 worth of charges at Saks on my Amex. The b!tch tried to steal my identity. I filed an alert with all 3 credit have to renew it every so often. I'm glad I did because she stole my friend's wallet as well and she wrote out $6000 in bad checks in my friend's name. The police finally got her after she tried to buy a Harley on someone else's Amex card. She did this for a living. Maybe you should contact the credit bureau's to put a red flag on your case this person tries to open other accounts in your name.
  7. Thanks everyone!!!! If she doesn't have my SS# how can she open other accounts in my name?

    Also...why was I using my debit card? Because I don't like to use actual CCs for purchases...I just ike to pay right out of my bank account. that this has happened....I'm going to grab an old CC I stashed away and start using it for major purchases!!!!
  8. ^ME TOO!
    I prefer my debit card..I rarely use my credit cards......just have to b careful!
  9. I would call Saks security, not the manager. Let Saks management handle it. You don't know who was involved.
  10. If you have a Visa debit or Mastercard debit it carries the same purchase protection if you use it as a credit card - meaning not using your PIN number. So it makes no difference if you're using the debit card as a credit card over the phone, it's the same protection as using a plain ol' Visa or Mastercard.

  11. assuming your cc# was stolen by a hacker and not an inside source then oce they have cc#s for anyone it's fairly easy to pull up other personal info.

    Regarding purchase protection, yes most banks do cover you 100% in the event of fraudulent activity but your debit card is tied to your checking account so your cash vanishes immediately and depending on your bank may take a bit of time to recover. In the meantime if your cash is gone from your bank account and you have no other source of $$ then you are SOL.

    Please try not to use debit cards for online and over the phone transactions. Pin # or not the money is still coming out of your checking account. As technology advances hackers get better too. Just use a cc and pay in full when the bill comes.

    Best of luck twiggers!