How bags are delivered to stores...PICS!!

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  1. So strolling through Valleyfair after a Movie at Santana Row, * Little Miss Sunshine* and passed by Louis Vuitton, didn't go in...*yes, very proud of myself* but saw 2 men with 2 carts coming towards me...and then as I pass the front door, stops..Hmmmm....I think to myself...and one pops in and so I took this opportunity to snap a picture...

    I have always wondered how these bags got to the store, I always asumed that it would be in one of those armored trucks that the driver always kept driving and is bulletproof but I guess they just get delivered like any other packages...?

    The mystery is solved...:lol:

  2. I want to be his new friend!
  3. Ditto!:lol:
  4. Hey Khoi , how about I distract the guy and you :ninja: grab a box and run as fast as you can!:graucho: ......50/50 OK:supacool: ??? J/K:P
  5. Ha...who wants to bet he doesn't even care what's in those boxes. :lol:
  6. LoL! Great Idea!!! :nuts:
  7. aaargghhh... i wanna be hist girlfriend :girlsigh:
  8. Agree, but I bet that shipment is heavily insured.
  9. ^ :roflmfao:
  10. I thought so too! :shame:
  11. I would stalk him if I was there. :lol:
  12. wow, you're like paparazzi. well, only to LV delivery men...LO:yahoo: :roflmfao: L :roflmfao:
  13. Does he have a package for me? :graucho:
  14. Oooooh! I wonder what new goodies they got?!? I would love to get a super new handbag! I've been trying to decide which LV Store to go to...looks like I'll have to check out Valley fair's new stock.;)
  15. It seems like he has a big package for you... :graucho:

    HAHAHA. WOW. When I was last in LV in April, a guy just like that had one of those carts delivering packages to stores... and I thought to myself "I wonder who exactly those are going to..."
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