How bad is it to wear daily contacts for 2 days?

  1. I wear daily contacts, but I just realized that I was on my last pair!! and I forgot to pick up my next month's order and will have to do that tomorrow.

    Should I wear my daily contacts for one more day? How bad can it be? My nice glasses broke and I'm waiting for my new pair... But I do have extremely hideous pairs.

    Just want to get some opinions before I take the plunge and wear my uglies! haha.
  2. Just wear them for the extra day and make sure you clean and store them correctly for overnight. I'm sure your eyes aren't going to fall out or anything.

    I do this all the time.
  3. it's not good, but it won't hurt if you only do it occasionally.

    do you have solution, since they're only dailies? if you do, take them out and at least clean them for a minute.
  4. i honestly dont think it would sure people do it all the time.........mine say 2 weeks, but i have kept them for almost a month
  5. I agree. I wear daily disposables, as well. I've never had to do this but if you follow these directions you should be fine for a day. I wouldn't wear them longer than an extra day, though.

    BTW, I am not sure what kind you wear, but Focus Dailies have an AWESOME rebate going until the end of the month - get an eye exam and buy a year supply of contacts and get a $200 rebate!
    This is for a $100 rebate but you can submit two forms.
  6. I did this last month! It's a great deal. I got a 6 month supply for $40. Usually $140!
  7. I don't think it should be too bad if you only do this for one more day. I wear contact lenses and though mine are monthly, sometimes I'll make them last for 2 months. Just make sure you clean them thoroughly!
  8. :sneaky: I do this too....
  9. haha, i didn't know other people did this too!!! i usually wear my two week contacts for a couple extra days...think of all the money we'll save!
  10. I wear dailies too... and have kept them on for more than a day as well. :whistle: I still have a box of 90, and I got these last year. I know, I'm terrible :shame:

    Thanks for the link to the rebate mokoni!!! I'll be getting an exam and changing my ways. LOL!
  11. Me too. :-]]
  12. Same here. And I used to wear dailies for extended periods without removing them. I know you're not supposed to but I never had trouble and my doc didn't faint when I told I eventually had lasik cause I was an irresponsible contacts Highly recommend it!
    You should be fine.
  13. Well it won't kill you. But it dehydrates your eyes after a period of time.

    Have you ever heard those horror stories about people leaving their contacts in while sleeping and then in the morning when they pull their contacts off their cornea comes off along with it???!?!?!? My eye doctor freaked me out lol!!!!!