How bad can Lambskin gets?

  1. Hi all, I am deciding between a Caviar classic or a Lambskin classic, saw a thread on Çaviar and Rain', it looks like Lambskin is really 'vulnerable', can anyone share your experience on Lambskin classic? It would be great if you can share pictures too. Thank you, it would really help me in making my decision. BTW, this will be my first chanel bag.
  2. i don't have one in lambskin yet :p
    but i'm thinking of purchasing one maybe soon :yes:

    the worst i seen is an old vintage lambskin gets sticky leathers
  3. I've also heard some people say that the quilting kind of deflates over time.

    If you go to the Reference Library, you can find a bunch of photos of the classic flaps in both caviar alnd lambskin. It's really easy to tell them apart.
  4. I am using my white lambskin as the daily bag.. sounds crazy huh? It gets dirty very easily and it looks horrible now. I plan to send it off to Chanel very soon to refurbish it and I guess they will redye it which will make the texture of the lambskin harder. I will never buy another light color lambskin again. Just bought a DS flap and a navy caviar classic flap - really into worry free bags now.
  5. I was told by the SA that they scratch easily,they can discolour (esp the light ones),they quilting deflates and the damage is irreparable.
  6. I have a beige lambskin flap which I bought around 12 months ago, but it looks like I have had it for 50 years! It looks soo beat up and gets oil from your hands and I have not even worn it 10 times yet. I bought lambskin by mistake and will NEVER buy it again. If u do buy lambskin I would only advise dark colours
  7. Everything that ur SA told u happened to my bag straight away!:cursing:
  8. I like the look of lambskin Chanels better than the caviar ones, but you cant use the lambskin every day or itll start to look dirty...if you need an everyday chanel caviar is best. Then a few lambskins can be good to carry only on certain days, like when the weather isn't rainy.
  9. Thanks sisters for sharing....
  10. Same exact thing happened to my beige bag. I had to have it re-dyed and then the texture of the leather was awful. Scratchy. I used it once.
  11. gets me thinking, is reissue in lambskin? cos it's definately not Caviar, can reissue owners confirm this...thanks.

  12. Hi all, I am transfering this to a new thread.
  13. Wow I'm horrified to take my lambskin baby out now O_O!! Maybe it can be a stay at home bag :biggrin:......
  14. I have a black lambskin classic flap and it's fine.
    It doesn't scratch that easily anymore and if so I rub it off with a soft cloths.
    But I would never buy a light coloured lambskin just in dark colours.
    If you baby your bags anyway you'll be fine with a lambskin.
    I don't like the caviar so this isn't an option for me.
  15. Dark lambskin holds up better then the light colors one on dirt factor.
    But the quilting does become "deflated and wrinkle" over time.
    Not attractive :sad: