How awesome is this bird!!!!

  1. hahahah! That's really crazy! amazing really!!
  2. YES! OMG! I saw him on this morning and laughed until I cried! Ohhhh, what a cutie!
  3. That is too cute!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. lol. When my bf and I went on a cruise, we saw a place with birds that did that at one of the shore stops. I think it was at the cayman islands. lol Looks like the same white bird or something. lol
  5. what a cutie, thanks for sharing!
  6. That is adorable!
  7. How cute! Thanks for posting.
  8. LOL I saw this yesterday and couldn't stop laughing :lol:
  9. That bird has better dance moves than me! I wonder if he'd be up for giving me a few lessons? "One leg up, bop the head, other leg up, bop the head...shake it...shake it, oh yeah, feeeeel the music!"
  10. That is so funny! Love the headbanging part...:rochard:
  11. haha i was just cracking up at work. Hope i didn't bother anybody...they probably think I am crazy!

    That is so funny...thanks for sharing!
  12. Hahahaha, how cute! Backstreet Bird!
  13. so cute!
  14. That birds got madd rhythm!!