How are your Treesjes holding up?

  1. My experiences have been mixed. I have a bag similar to the one in my IRL that I've been carrying for about a month. Today the lining fell out. It was glued in. Will probably get some craft glue and try to reattach it. I have another Treesje that I haven't carried too much, but the color is wearing off the bottom and the edges. My bags get a workout, but I do try to be careful with them.

    What have been your experiences?
  2. I rotate my bags every month or so. I haven't had any issues, just normal wear and tear on the bottom and outside edges.
  3. My Treesje's have been pretty durable thus far, with one small exception: right after I got my Avalon in Jungle, the little strip that lines the inside of the handles peeled off, on both sides. I love that bag, but the handle lining strip being missing really makes it look less nice, as some of the tan, undyed leather is exposed on the handles. Other than that, my Treesje bags have held up great, except for usual wear and tear. Their patent leather is especially hard core. :smile:
  4. I carry my fuchsia Asher more than any other bag and my daughter has a black shine Skylar, no issues whatsoever.
  5. So far so good. I tend to rotate pretty frequently though, and also pre-treat.
  6. This is all very good to know--that the bags have been holding up well for folks, because I do love carrying my Treesje bags and would be open to buying others. The leather is beautiful, and for me at least they're the perfect weight and shape.
  7. I have quite a lot of designer bags and I don't use my Treesje bags often. But I rotate daily to weekly all my bags. I haven't had any issues with any of my Treesje bags. I purchased all my high end designer and designer bags brand new at the boutique. If you purchased your Treesje brand new you should have registered your bag since there is a warranty card. Usually within a certain time period of purchasing it if there is an issue as long as you have registered it. You can send it back to Treesje for repairs.
  8. Mine are holding up pretty well too. I rotate all my bags fairly regularly, about every 3-4 weeks or so, but haven't had any issues with my Treesjes. The most wear I've had on a Treesje are some worn pointed corners on a flap (which could be kind of expected to start showing wear first, since they're pointed corners and the leather's really stretched pretty tight there). Some of the glazed leathers (e.g. the Spring '09 Asher leathers - EB, Fuchsia, Pumpkin, etc) definitely hold up better than the more matte ones (which may be also more prone to patina-ing), but in general, they're not too delicate and hold up pretty well.

    As for the lining/stitching etc, I haven't had issues with any of my Treesjes, even the ones with the softer silver bengaline linings. One of my Ashers had a loose stitch on a handle, but it never came loose in the time that I was using it. I did have an issue with the sealant on the underside of the braided handles of my previous Magnolia splitting pretty soon after I started using it, though, but it only affected certain parts of the handles, and IIRC, it didn't get too much worse after I first noticed it.

    Overall, I'd definitely say that Treesjes generally hold up pretty well, and I've had other bags in the same price range that've had issues that cropped up much more easily (loose stitches that continued to come loose, leather that scratched terribly easily, etc).
  9. I only have 1 Treesje, a black Dylan, has held up great with the exceptions of wear and tear on the edges. I would buy another if they has one I loved.
  10. Does anyone have the mini Asher twist in stone?? I am wondering if it is hard to keep clean, especially the handles. TIA
  11. Hello! I only have one Treesje- and it's the Jovi in the olive glazed (?)- it's not matte finish. I've only used it several times but wanted to know how this type of leather holds up to daily wear? Do the edges/corners start wearing out quickly? I was thinking of getting another one in black.

  12. Sorry, I have different leather types. I don't know anything about the olive glazed, but it is a lovely bag. Once you have one treesje, it's hard not to buy another. And another. And another. LOL.:biggrin:
  13. Some of the Treesje bags have that glaze on them to protect your bags. It's up to you if you choose to spray them. I always test a small area prior to treating my bags because I fear if I spray my Pumpkin Asher and fuschia Metro clutch with Wilson's spray it would darken the bag & clutch which is why I didn't. However, I treated my electric blue metro clutch, Gray mini marley, green Mason crossbody with Wilson's protectant spray and there were no issues.

    Certain bags I don't treat like my large pink Marc Jacobs Single, Chanel, some RM"s etc.. I've been told not to pre-treat those bags.
  14. You're so funny! I hope the Magnolia will be my last bag for a while. I had promised my husband that my last bag was my LE Louis Vuitton Eden Neo (3K), it was my "push" present & I really thought it would be it for a while... Not until I ran into the Magnolia:smile: Promises are meant to be broken, right?
  15. I do admire people who can pull the trigger on a 3K bag. Maybe someday for me, but right now I am thrilled with my contemporary designer price frame. I switch my bag at least once a week, and rotate them evenly, and have to say, I love the way my Treesje are holding up. I love them more everytime I wear them. And get compliments on the styling as well.

    When I mentioned the FLash sale and the Magnolia last night, I told DH it was 'the last handbag I would ever need.' DH took it with a grain of salt, and said to my 16 year old son, "That means it's all she needs RIGHT NOW." So yes, promises are meant to be broken as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Again, congrats on the Magnolia.

    ETA: Oh, what is a PUSH present?