How are your Swift Bags aging?

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  1. I love the hand feel of Swift (or Gulliver) and just wondered how the bags slouch in the beginning and how they age overall. Please post pix of bag as well. I'd love to see them!:yes: I'm especially interested in Birkins.;)
  2. Are you gettin one for yourself????:graucho::graucho:
  3. ^^^No! Can't get anything right now!! But I am always plotting for the future and have been curious about this leather.

  4. its not something i would buy again. evergrain is much tougher. i have to say that its my favorite leather from a looks perpsective but not wearbability long term. i have two swift birkins and it scratches quite easily.
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  5. Thanks Hemesaholic. would you say the evergrain is similar looking and a similar handfeel? but it sounds like more durable and less slouchy?
  6. Evergrain is more matte than swift, and with a light texture, whereas swift is usually smooth (although I have seen grainy swift). Swift is more slouchy than evergrain, so bags in the latter are more likely to keep their shape better. But I personally own bags in both and would buy bags in both again. Light scratches seem to rub off easily on both, but my bags are in dark colors: black and ebene, so I can't say how lighter colors would fare.
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  7. actually i disagree a little bit: evergrain has a tiny bit of shine--tiny. whereas swift is virtually matte. evergrain has more grain...slightly crackly. evergrain is more rubbery?? more flexible........ My swift bags are orange and turquoise the scratches do not completely rub out like they do with evergrain--which truly does disappear
  8. What I dislike about Swift Birkins is that over time they seem to look odd around the handle when being carried. I don't know how to describe it best, but looking over the Stars With Hermes thread you see celebrities with Birkins by the handles and the leather is almost rippled from the handles down. Maybe it's too thin since the interior is usually lined in Swift as well.

    Evergrain is pearlish and has a certain glow that Swift lacks. Very soft (almost velvety but not as much as Swift). LOVE Evergrain. Wouldn't buy Swift. Even my SA is steering me away from Swift due to "age breakdown".

    Word is Evergrain shows corner wear quickly as well though.
  9. Hey there. I have bags in both evergrain and swift. However, neither are birkins but I do love them both. Both are velvety soft but the evergrain is a thicker leather. And they're both starting to acquire a pearly patina.

    And my swift bag IS glowing... but probably because of its color (not black).

    Scratches do rub off both leathers. And evergrain has a wee bit of a shine while swift is virtually matte.
  10. Very helpful all! I really appreciate it!
  11. Rockerchic, I love my swift Birkin.....the skin is like I want to dip into it, it is so luscious.
  12. It terms of handfeel, I think swift leather wins hands down because it's so smooth and luxurious to the touch. But this means that it's a lot more sloppy in a birkin and if you want a relaxed Birkin look, this is it for you. It gives massive batwings and like gazoo says, the area around the handles looks very strained, only because the leather around the handles slumps when the birkin is being carried. Over time, both Clemence and Swift slumps into a heap.

    (That said, I saw pictures of a few-year-old 35cm Clemence Birkins recently and it sits up real pretty. So my guess is that Clemence these days are softer and thinner than it used to be. This rings a bell because when I first received my JPG Shoulder Birkin from my store, the SA did tell me that the shoulder birkins used to be alot heavier, and my guess is that Clemence was indeed thicker and therefore heavier in the past)

    The only piece of swift I have is in the Lindy. And it's very soft and slouchy. I have been using my Lindy very casually, and take the least care with it. So far, no scratches. But there are streaks of dirt marks around the folds of the leather. I hadn't noticed until my craftsman straighten the leather on my Lindy to inspect the bag. So, the leather does trap dirt more than, say, Togo or Clemence for comparison.
  13. ^^ Excellent info as always Mrs. Sparkles!!! Thanks!
  14. Oh well. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. To my eye, my evergrain bag has a tiny bit of shine, as you say, but it's negligible compared to the swift I have (which is black - don't know if the color has any effect on the leather's light reflection). Since swift is smoother than evergrain, it appears shinier to me. And evergrain, which is apparently embossed box calf, appears more matte to my eye. Either way, I love them both.

    I agree that scratches do rub out better on evergrain (because of the softness + grain), but light scratches on my black swift bag are near invisible, although I was guessing that that may simply be a function of the color.

    Swift feels plumper and more supple in the hand, whereas evergrain is soft but with a little extra stiffness that swift lacks.
  15. Pics for you, RC: