How are your sequin items holding up?

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  1. I made my PCE purchase today. I got the Poppy Sequin Zippy Wristlet! I love the color and the sparkle of the sequins, but will they hold up? Does anyone have any experience with this wristlet? Thanks in advance forum, you all ROCK and I am looking forward to all your awesome PCE reveals!

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  2. The bad talk about the sequin stuff is really overrated. I have a lot of sequin stuff, and it holds up just fine. People are scared to death of sequin bags and wristlets, but as long as you don't beat it against a wall or take it out in the rain, you are fine.
    They are absolutely covered with sequins, more than enough. It is not cheaply done. Each sequin is threaded two -three times to make sure it is securely attached. You can see that for yourself. If you DO lose one, it is not going to leave a "spot". You seriously will not be able to tell.
    I love sequin bags...they may not be for everybody, but people should not be scared of them. LOL!
    Take the plunge! Get the bag....u know you want it! :graucho:
  3. Thanks PLC, by the way I totally stalked the revel of the wonderful sequin wristlet in your profile pic, its so cool! I loved the zebra print you made! Quick question, you and the coach care card mentioned I shouldnt get the sequin's wet, what happens to them? Does the color run? Probably a stupid question but this is my first sequin item!
  4. Congrats and I agree with pcl, unless you are going to be rough with your sequin wristlet, I wouldn't worry.I would love to get that light pink sequin poppy wristlet.I love the pink sequins on my pig charm, so I want a wristlet now.
  5. That Zippy wristlet is super cute! I just love it! Enjoy it!
  6. No. The sequins are attached to fabric, so if you get it wet, that fabric gets wet too. I don't know if it affects the interior, I have never gotten mine wet, but it might.
    I keep a nice plastic bag (shopping bag) folded up inside the little front pocket. As a just in case kind of thing. That pocket isn't really good for anything else. LOL!
  7. The only bag I thought was poorly put together (as opposed to how they are making them now) was last year's spotlight sweater bag pattern, as the sequins were sewn down 3 times, but NOT overlapped sequins like you'll see now. I think the overlapping helps reinforce them
  8. My silver sequin clutch from last year is still in perfect condition. No sequins gone.
  9. My mom has a sequin bag that she's been using non-stop since the beginning of May and it's still perfect.