How are your sales?

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  1. My sales have been so slow this month. I have had to relist items at least 3 times before a sale. I also have some discontinued lv items with best offer option and no offers:shrugs:. just wondering how everyone else is doing
  2. I would definitely agree, things are slow. I see some very nice bags just hanging out there, with no buyers....Hopefully it will pick back up soon! :tup:
  3. The end of July/beginning of this month was killer, but now it seems to have slowed down. Another sign of a bad economy... people having to make it to the end of the month before they can start buying again at the beginning of a new month!
  4. Terrible :sad:
  5. Slooooooooooooooow:sleepy:
  6. Last month for me was awesome! And now this month not so much! Take heart once the weather cools off people will be sitting at there computers more and hopefully buying more!
  7. Isn't this a typically slow month anyway?
  8. It's usually slower in the summer. Lot's of peeps are away.
    However I am hanging in there.
  9. Sloooooooooooooow, very slow. But then again does it matter since buyers feel they do not have to pay????
  10. A toad slower than usually, I had to relist a bag yesterday, but it is a Spring Summer color so that may be it because I had 2 very good sales last week. I wasn't around in July so I didn't have anything listed.

    I many are shopping for back to school these past 2 weeks. I was at the Westchester Mall last week and the kids departments and shops were pretty busy even though it was Wednesday evening.

    It should pick up next month and gas prices are down and the dollar is a good bit stronger.
  11. slow as a snail.....
  12. People are nickle and diming me instead of using the BIN for like $5-10 more, but at least I sold everything so far *knock on wood*!
  13. Haha! So true! The only thing worse than not selling is selling to a npb or a pb who tries to nickle and dime you/return the item and they seem to be the only ones on ebay these days :rolleyes:
  14. Listed 3 bags on Ebay and sold 1 immediately on the same day :smile:. The second auction was won by a bloody non paying bidder and the third auction is still around... hangin on to a thin thread..... tons of watchers (30) but only 1 offer??

    So to answer your question, sister, we are all in the same boat ^^
  15. SLOW. I'm not even listing on ebay, I am listing on Craigslist because I was getting hit with fee's and not even selling anything!