How Are Your Parallel Parking Skills ?

  1. How are your parallel parking skills ?

    I'm not a master at it but I'm pretty good.:yes:
  2. I am not at all embarassed to say....

    I absolutely SUCK at it. I don't even attempt it.

    I am a good driver but the whole back and forth thing just aggravates me so much I can't even stand to try it.
  3. I'm actually fairly awesome at this.

    My best car skill would probably have to be speeding though ! :graucho:
  4. Ditto :yes:
  5. I am also awful tr444!!!! Whenever I have to parallel park I either try once if no cars are around- or I just drive by the amazing spot! Ha. I will make someone else get out and park my car. It is sad...
  6. I'm so bad at it...whenever I can I try not to put myself in a situation where I'd have to parallel park.:sad:
  7. I can and do parallel park with less than one inch of space between my car and the one in front and my car and the one behind. :yes:
  8. Oh boy, I hope no MEN see this thread....cause you KNOW what their gonna say......
  9. I live in NJ and also drive in NYC at times... I HAVE to be good at it if I don't want to pay a billion dollars to a parking garage. :lol:

    I have to admit, I'm jealous of other parts of the country where they have non-parallel parking ON THE STREET. My DH's hometown has that and it's so awesome! Fits more cars, too.
  10. Hahaha OMG I'm so terrible. I've paralleled parked sucessfully once-for the driver's test.

    I believe parallel parking is the reason God invented valet parking!
  11. i'm ridiculously horrible - i've done it successfully once on the street, and it took 15 minutes and two outside-the-car helpers.
  12. I either nail it on the first try or completely blow it and have to drive off.
  13. I haven't found the need to parallel park here in Raleigh, although that could be because I try to avoid parking altogether. I think my parking skills are excellent (all you have to do is park between the white lines) but my mom has a heart attack whenever I park. Maybe I need to get out and practice more? I'm getting my license in October!
  14. I am sofa king good! OK, not good at many things, but I can do this. Many years of going to the beach in a big car with a bunch of girls, I had to get good.
  15. I can do it, but I suck at it when it's a round driveway. (And do I get close to the curb? Well, that's another question entirely!)