how are your bearn wallets??

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  1. wow, this is my first thread in Hermes forum! i'm a newbie everyone... pls be kind :smile:
    i'm interested in getting a second durable wallet. my Guccissima wallet is holding up pretty good but i'd like to have variety. i returned the LV vernis zippy because the zippy was too hard to get into. I saw the H bearn, I fell in love!
    What leathers is the bearn available in? colors? are they customizable like kellies and birkins? how much are they?

    Thanks so much H ladies!
  2. I have both the regular size and the compact and I love them both. As far as I know they come in Chevre, Epsom, Box, Veau Pompadour, Croc and Lizard........and I'm sure there are other skins I'm not aware of. My compact cost $1,525.00 and my regular size cost $1,650.00. They are NOT customizable as far as I know and you can pretty much get them in all colors.
  3. ^^ Thanks so much shopmom! I'm interested in getting a pink or BJ color. Are there different shades of pink besides rose shocking and fuschia? Those are lovely colors but I'd like get something much more subtle.
  4. Hmmmm.....I believe there's Rose Dragee but I've only seen it so far in a Karo clutch. Rose Shocking is gorgeous in Chevre Mysore in a wallet....really a shot of color inside your bag and would look FAB with Etoupe, BJ and Gold bags!!!!
  5. the BEARN wallet is tremendous: I am on my second. My advice is 1) buy the bifold NOT the tri fold (too bulky and too many slots) 2) do not buy it in box leather -gets destroyed. try epsom or chevre/mysore
  6. does anyone know if they are still making fuschia chevre bearns? i've only seen rose shocking and it's too shocking for me (i think).
  7. Hermesaholic, thanks so much for your suggestions! i am trying to find a virtually scratch free wallet are the epsom and chevre mysore leathers scratch free? box and chamonix i hear are very high maintenance. and i'm definitely not getting an exotic for a daily wear wallet.
    I'm definitely getting a bifold then. My gucci is a bifold and it's nicely sized but it is prone to scratches (embossed calfskin leather).
    I'm thinking pink!
  8. I've seen some ladies' rose dragee birkins here, the color is so lovely and feminine. i decided i'm going for pink/rose color since my list of birkins and kelly already includes a blue kelly. :yes:
    how different is rose shocking to fuschia?

    this is fuschia alligator

    Is this also fuschia or rose shocking? It looks like box or swift leather.
  9. fuschia is more purply pink and rose shocking is hot pink. rose comes in mysore and lizard that i have seen so far--and yes epsom and mysore would be very durable.............must say the exotics wear like iron for every day. i have lizard and croc (actually had a box leather one about 5 years ago i guess)
  10. Oh my! I love this color. This pic is borrowed from Japster. Her cyclamen kelly. This color is perfect!
    It's almost pastelly purple with pink hues.
    What do you H experts think?
  11. in real life cyclamen is more mauve than fuschia which is more hot sweet tart-ish pink
  12. I have an Bearn in blue jean epsom. I have used this wallet almost daily for over a year. It looks so beautiful and as good as the day I bought it. I cannot say enough nice things about epsom leather. I really love this wallet.
  13. Anne, I have had a rose shocking bearn bifold in chevre mysore (pic below) for the better part of a year now. I don't baby my bags or my accessories much and the bearn still looks brand new.


    It's so thin and lightweight compared to the LV epileather one it replaced. I haven't been careless enough to gouge it with deep scratches, although it takes a daily beating (with car keys and such in close proximity), and there are no visible scratches. In fact, it looks just as new as the day I bought it! If it had been box leather, it would be different, but the grain of the chevre is quite forgiving. If I were ever forced to replace this wallet, I'd just go buy another one exactly like it! It's perfect. :smile:

    Happy bearn hunting!
  14. I have an epsom zip wallet; also have a compact in chevre; and a regular bearn in a leather I think is buffle gala -- all 3 have not worn at all!! I don't often change but am very happy with the quality of each...they are pricey but worth it IMO!
  15. I have a bifold in Turquoise Chevre, and it still looks new (it's about 6 months' old) but I really want one in Box......