How are your agneau bags holding up?

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  1. I just noticed my new bg pt was agneau (lamb) and not chevre (goat). This is my first agneau Bal. I think the shine is wearing off faster (fine with me, I prefer matt or a light shimmer).

    I'm wondering for those who've been carrying the agneau for a while now, if you notice a difference in how the leather is wearing or breaking in?

    Personally I can't really tell a difference between my 07 jaune chevre and 08 bg pink agneau, but neither are broken in at this point.
  2. i think all 08 bags are agneau now..
    i don't know about others but my agneau EB GH work was broken in in FIVE days.. my chevres took longer to broken in.
  3. hi everyone--i'm a bit new to bal and only have one bag--a violet city, GSH from fall 07. does anyone know if this is lamb or goatskin, or how i might tell which one mine is? i am thinking of buying another this season and would like to compare! thanks in advance!:heart:
  4. ^It will say on your tag which it is.
  5. I have the EB RH city and it was very soft from day one. I have however noticed that after 1 week of solid use, it feels a bit softer I think.

    I'll maybe take up date shots of it during the 2nd week... Its definitely a softer leather that you can very easily squash in your hands like a pillow.
  6. I have a EB rh and in just 7 days is already soft and broken in, i like the Agneau!
  7. I have the EB rh and it is very soft as well! Love IT!
  8. I know this may have been discussed many times before but I want to hear from the agneau owners how they are holding up. Everybody says that chevre is the only thing to get but is agneau that bad? I have seen some gorgeous, thick leathered agneau bags. Someone says that agneau is way less robust than the chevre, have you notisted this too? I could keep on going with these qestions but I will stop here... Pls share!! I really really want a black city in mint condition as for my new everyday bag(and not pay over retail) and it seems like my best bet is to buy a new one,..- in agneau that is... Come tell, pretty please!:yes:
  9. I have both Chevre leather and Agneau leather bags. These are the Agneau Bals that I :heart::

    FW 2007 Jaune Brief - Super thick, distressed and smooshy leather
    Pic courtesy of CS, AUD

    SS 2008 BG First - Medium thick leather, smooth and soft.

    SS 2008 SB City - Nicely broken-in with very soft and distressed leather.
    FW 2008 Amethyste City - Brand new in this picture. I find the leather the thinnest among the four bags. It's quite soft and the saturation is a bonus. However, I'm quite apprehensive about quality of Bal leathers from this FW collection as it seems much thinner than other seasons IMO.
  10. Thank you so much, sparkle! That was really a helpful post! So you would say that I should look for the ss08 instead of the fw? I am getting a black city.. And, your bags is absolutely gorgeous!!!!:heart: Great colour and style choices, they are all amazing!
  11. These are my agneau bags. I haven't used my Twiggy too much, I might be babying it because of the colour which is soooo silly! :wtf: I have been using my Day non- stop for two weeks and every time I pick it up I admire the leather which is thick and yummy. Oh, actually I like the leather on my 08 bags better than my 06 Camel which is a bit thin and veiny. If that helps any.
    bal 001.jpg bal 002.jpg
  12. :nogood:
    Thanks soul2squeeze, I am so happy to hear that the agneau bags isnt all bad and well, yours look absolutely divine so I am feeling more and more safe hear. The good thing about agneau is that it does seem a little thicker than chevre?? My new city is going to be my everyday bag so I go for thick, yummy leather:choochoo:

    And btw, I totally understand why do don't take out your twiggy that much,- we don't wanna get our delicate babies dirty!!:nogood:
  13. Antoher thing, and I know this has also been discussed many times before but I havent been able to find an answer to it. What is up with the fact that people are saying that it has been agneau all along????:confused1:(or since the early bags). True/not true? It sounds so weird.