How are you supposed to clean your bag? Lol, im scared :(

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  2. good question....I was wondering yesterday what people have had success with to keep the leather looking great ??? Can't wait to read the replies...
  3. I use baby wipes on the handles and Coach leather lotion on all my bags (and coats and Harley gear and gloves etc....!!) The lotion is very nurturing...Remember leather is a skin and will dry out..We don't want this to happen!!!! It works great....I take a soft soft cloth and buff them when the lotion has sunk in....helps when they're stuffed when doing this!!!! I shine the hardware w/ the same cloth. Hope this helps..but there are many great ladies with fab ideas here....Good luck!!! :heart: Emmy
  4. ^ Yup, that's a great way of taking care of them babies.... I've used apple leather cleaner on my bags, it doesn't take any color away and grabs lots of dirt. Of course, I'd test an area first before applying to the whole bag. Apple guarde also makes a conditioner that I hear is good. sells their popular cleaner and conditioner, I've heard their cleaner has picked up some dye, but heard rave reviews on their conditioner.

    I've also tried Cole Haan conditioner/cleaner and that seems to work in a pinch too.

    I remember somewhere that somebody recommended Wilsons too, but forget which product. You could probably do a search on that if you're interested.
  5. My SA at MJ boutique said that they use Meltonian Boot & Shoe Cream Polish to clean their leather bags. This polish is recommended by InStyle magazine's experts as well. Check out the March 2007 issue of InStyle magazine (US edition); featured under master class (p. 247-248) is How to Care for...Your Handbag. When I have a chance, I will post this article (possibly in the main forum). Here are some suggestions:

    How to Care for...
    Your Handbag
    Keep your favorite (and most functional) accessory in tip-top shape with these easy tips from the experts

    Leather, of course, is a skin, so keep it happy and moisturized with a leather conditioning cream. There's no reason to treat it with a protectant or a siilicone spray. Caught in the rain? Run for cover, then dab--don't wipe--moisture away.

    If your bag is looking dull, our experts suggest a neutral polish like Meltonian by Kiwi ($3; at specialty shoe stores), which is safe for any color leather and should be applied with a soft piece of fabric like cheesecloth, then wiped off with a clean, dry piece of the same material.
    <a picture of MELTONIAN Boot & Shoe Cream Polish is shown>
  6. thanks girlies :smile:

    DAN DUSCHENE Director of operations,
    WINIFRED GALLAGHER Cultural critic and author, It's in the Bag: What Purses Reveal--and Conceal.
    JOY GRYSON Designer, Gryson.
    CHRIS MOORE Owner, Art Bag repair shop, N.Y.C.
    CHRISTINE PLOTT REDD Marketing director, American Tanning & Leather Co.
    CLARE SAURO Assistant curator of accessories, Fashion Institute of Technology.
    KATE SPADE Founder/designer, Kate Spade.
    RAFE TOTENGCO Creative director, Rafe.
    JOHN TRUEX Creative director, Lambertson Truex.
  8. Hi Venetia
    You could try Mulberry leather conditioner, worked ok on a couple of my bags and may be easier to get hold of
    good luck :smile:
  9. great tips bag.lover!!
  10. Thank you for this!
  11. how often are you supposed to put the leather cond. on your bags? just when it needs it, or how often?

  12. I just spot-cleaned my Pomegranate Venetia with Apple Garde's cleaner (followed by conditioner and then protectant). I was pleased with the results. There were small marks where the metal circles holding the handles to the bag had rubbed on the bag too much.

    I would say proceed with caution on the handles, depending on their type. It seemed like a lot of dye came out when I tried to clean them.

    Conditioner works great and so does the protectant spray.
  13. ^ooh I forgot to mention that about the very careful when cleaning the handles...don't rub too hard...this goes for all bags..not just MJ's....I use baby wipes --lightly-- on them...then a bit of conditioner...
    :heart: Emmy
  14. What is it about the handles that require special treatment?
  15. so you just clean it when you need to but, how often should you just the conditioner?