How are you liking you Aubergine Lindsey??

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  1. I picked up the Aubergine Lindsey the other day, but I haven't heard you wonderful ladies say much about her..... Do you love her or was it "the thrill of the moment" when you found her, but will return later? I have yet to cut the tags myself, but I am concerned that all the good deletes will now be on the FOS at at much higher price than the outlets. Don't want to give up a beauty only to have that happen.....thoughts ladies???
  2. I'm still enjoying my aub. Lindsey. I don't carry her everyday because I do change out my bags based on my daily outfit. However, I will carry her tomorrow.
  3. Twins! I saw her and fell in love even though I don't really care for smooth patent. My tags are still on but I have only carried 2 of my 5 large Sophias and one of my five (soon to be 6) Lindseys.

    In due time...
  4. I feel so lucky that I was able to score 4 BNWT Lindseys from the outlet and for what they cost, I would never return them.
  5. I used it for the last few days, but switched to fuschia today. I will go back to aubergine tomorrow because we are supposed to get a storm all weekend. I love the purple sparkle color
  6. I love Lindsey, but I am returning mine tomorrow. I was able to get the aubergine patent tote from my outlet, and I think the tote will be a better addition to the bags I already have. I have not returned a bag in about a year, so this was a thought-out decision.
  7. I have the Aubergine Lindsey too! It is a great bag and color. I find that the dark purple goes well with a lot of other colors. The sparkle is just gorgeous and love looking at it in the passenger seat when I take her out.
  8. Good question. I bought the aubergine lindsey about 2 weeks ago and haven't carried it yet. I don't like smooth patent leather, but I like this bag. The sparkles are what made me bring her home. Who can resist sparkles?
  9. I know what you mean........sparkles!!!! I was drawn to the sparkles in the first place, brought home the fushcia Lindsey instead (I really like the smooth leather), didn't look great with anything in my closet, returned and the SA talked me (not really) into getting the only Aubergine they had left saying I could always return later. I was going on o road trip to another area and I was hoping to see the exotic python Lindsey in navy, but no such luck. I still love the look of the Aubergine, but I would like more feedback......TIA!!