How are you feeling?

  1. Sooo...very...tired

    It feels like my braincells are popping :smile:
  2. I'm tired too and aggravated about a couple of situations.
  3. I'm super bored. There's absolutely nothing to do around here!!!
  4. I'm extremely bored at work! nothing to do!:confused1:
  5. ^^^ Me too, work is really boring during this time at day I am :sleepy: and can't wait to get home!
  6. me too!
  7. I'm frustrated at work. Bah can't wait for this week to be over and it's only Tuesday!
  8. I'm bored and I have a headache :sad:
  9. I'm feeling afraid and sad. I'm going through a lot of changes, some out of my control, some I can control.But I;m feeling very anxious, worried I made the wrong decisions and things won't work out.:sad:
  10. I have been feeling very stressed out! We are moving soon but still searching for a place, and our landlord has been showing our apartment a lot which is getting pretty annoying. My boyfriend is starting his new job next week, which is great but adds a little more stress.

    But right now I feel great because I just got done with a good workout and I've done a really good job eating today. I'm proud that I've recommitted myself to losing weight but doing so in a healthy way. I was really cranky and tired after work today, but it's true what they say about exercise making you happier!