How Are You Feeling Today ?

  1. Today I was busy running around trying to get things in order for the holiday weekend. ie packing for the family, cleaned out the fridge, take clothes to the dry cleaners. call rental car company. worked late today, because i took time this morning to get a pedicure & manicure. :shame:
    Organize meetings and presentations for next week & went to 28th street to pick up my order of fabric.

    How am I feeling today ? EXHAUSTED !!! :wacko:

    How about you?
  2. i'm feeling really content with my day. it was fabulous for the most part. i love my days off and today was extra special b/c it was hubby's day off too! (our days off only fall on the same days every 3 to 6 weeks or so because of his shift rotations at work)

    we lounged around the house all day, watched a couple episodes of 24, did a little studying and cleaning, went to lunch and saw the divinci code. :smile: when we got home, our neighbor came by and decided to buy my old car (it's a beater!) that we've been trying to sell for six months!!! very exciting. yay for being able to start a keepall/wallet for my birthday fund. :smile:

    now i'm procrastinating my homework. so that's starting to stress me out. i should just do it already. :smile:
  3. at the moment, i'm actually quite angry... y? i'm in an office with ppl who do not respect the wishes of our boss! i've actually been angry all week (well when i'm at work) i'm quite happy when its 5pm - 1 hour to go!
  4. crazed! :shocked: too much going on!
  5. At first, the day started great. I made a last minute decision last night to come home to Atlanta today. I woke up giddy with joy, fly to Atlanta, gathered with friends, shopped (buy pairs of shoes and tops), and then I BUMP-ed into someone's car as I PARKED MY BOYFRIEND'S CAR... It goes downhill from there... :cry:

    Although the bump is not serious mainly cosmetic stuff (paint bla bla bla)... I think it'll cost me probably a sale gucci bag...!!
  6. awww Wellow, I'm sorry to hear that, at least you were not hurt and you didnt hurt anyone else. Lets believe tomorrow will be a better day. :love:
  7. Restless. I've had tons of energy, and nothing to do. Watched movies all day long. I attempted to make shortbread cookies as there are NO snacks in this house, and I left them in too long...not burnt, but totally dried out. Oh well, didn't need all that anyways. *hmmpf.
  8. Lessee..... I just had a lovely stir fry, sucked down about a bottle of wine, and am having for dessert some lovely chocolate cookies and milk.... I FEEL GOOD! :yes:
  9. mmmm cookies...
  10. hmmm- I fell flat on face while running to lunch. But I'm actually in a pretty good mood!
  11. workwise it wasn't so successful- need to put my head down and work harder the next couple of weeks.
    I had a friend rescue me from Barneys where I almost did some SERIOUS damage and we went out to dinner at an amazing Peruvian restaurant that was reviewed this week in TIME OUT NYC.
    We then saw the Da Vinci Code- didn't do justice to the book. Too bad!
  12. Happy because I just finished work and now I have the afternoon all to myself, however I am a little miffed at not being paid when I was supposed to be.
  13. Feeling a bit elated ....It's a nice day outside , I start a business class tonight , so i wont be able to enjoy it (weather). But this weekend is going to be GREAT. It suppose to be close to 90 on monday :smile:
  14. Today I am relaxing and going to get Botox between my furrowed brows.

    After yesterday I need it! My 13 year has had a heart murmur since she was a baby that they thought was nothing. She needed a sports physical and the new MD heard it and wanted more tests.

    To make a long story short, we found out yesterday after the testing that she has a minimally leaky heart valve that will have to be watched for the rest of her life.

    Oh and for the last three days I have had workers at my house installing a new bay window and remodelling my front porch.

    And I have to work ALL weekend.

    I need a break!
  15. I'm feeling a little bored today.. I woke up with a headache and came to work late:shame: , and noone is in the office... :lol: