How are you feeling, Swanky????

  1. I know you had bodywork done the other day...Speak to us honey! How are you?
  2. See you posted in the original thread...Duh! Glad you're feeling ok.
  3. LOL! I appreciate it Sweetie!
    I'm feeling as good as I could expect I think!
  4. Well Swanky, take it easy, one minute you will feel OK, the next you are prone on the bed asleep. Don't overdo. We are rooting for you:heart:
  5. Take it easy Swanky! Congrats!! Hope you feel better soon!!
  6. Take it easy!
  7. Feel better, you'll be in your fab bikini's soon.
  8. Take care of yourself

    know your in all our thoughts and prayers
  9. thank you guys, I love y'all!
    Irishgal, you're so right LOL!
  10. Glad you are doing well! :smile:
  11. I can't wait to see you "after" pictures. I hope you'll be rocking a fab bikini like Heinz said.:graucho:
  12. Very relieved to hear you are doing well. Surgery is never fun. Just remember every hour your body is healing more and in no time you'll be up and running!
    Hope you are pampering yourself as well as being pampered!
  13. yes! yes! we're rooting for you! i'm sure you'll be happy with the results. :smile:
  14. Good to hear you're doing well.
  15. HI SWANKY! Wow, didn't expect to see you on here! Glad you're doing okay!