How are you doing your hair tonight?

  1. Ladies, share how you are going to do your hair for NYE! :wlae:

    I am getting my hair done in soft, loose curls. I want half of my hair up with a little bit of a poof. :smile:
  2. I just flat ironed it so it's straight and smooth. Now it's up to the humidity gods on whether it's going to stay that way throughout the night :rolleyes:
  3. I'm going to straighten it and then curl the ends... might sweep my bangs to the side, but sometimes if i don't do it properly it just ends up in my face all night :cursing: :upsidedown:
  4. I guess I'm going to flat iron mine, and do a little pouff in the center.
  5. I got it blow dried and flat ironed super straight :biggrin:
  6. My hair is curly... just going to leave it down, put a brown swarovski crystal bobby pin on the side, and make sure my hair stays shiny and frizz-free!
  7. I'm going to curl mine and put a small barrette where my bangs are.
  8. Sounds like everyone is going to look gorgeous tonight! :yes:

    I just got back from getting my hair and nails done. I love getting beautified :biggrin:
  9. I've really, really short hair (barely hits my jawline) 'cause I'm trying to get rid of all the bleaching damage.. so I'm just going to let it curl like it naturally does, and then flat iron my bangs. Maybe add a cute headband or hairpins that match my outfit!
  10. LOL this is sad but my hair has soft waves right now because I had it in a french braid this morning. It's pretty but... didn't go anywhere for NYE so a waste. Oh well! Next year! :biggrin:
  11. I washed it, blow-dried, straightened the bits that aren't so straight, then put a bobby-pin with cyrstals on it into the side of my hair.
  12. For NYE, I did curls with my GHD, then lift up the sides and hold with bobby pins.