How are you coping with the pending price increase?

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  1. I am not coping well:sad: I'm so bummed! I kept staring at the website trying to buy something that I may want later on and I keep coming up with nothing that is true want. I am considering a pegase 60 and feel that the the price increase is clouding my judgement. So please help me come to some senses here is the debate

    1. Pegase mono 60 is the luggage in question
    2. Husband will not let me use while flying as he thinks it's a safety issue (someone will mugg me. go figure, I humor him)
    3. Thus, will be used for week and car travel which we do very heavy in the summer months
    4. I currently have a navy blue heyes x-case that works fabulous and is small and lightweight
    5. How many uses of the pegase 60 per year is a good justification to purchase?

  2. Not coping well at all...mainly because I can't afford to spend on anything except my needs!
  3. No help with the luggage issue, but I am coping with the price increase by sticking fingers in ears and singing lalalala.........
  4. LVLover, I'm afraid I'll be mugged too! So I see his point. I also had a problem justifying a Keepall 50 with strap so I haven't yet purchased it.

    As for coping, I'm just doing my best to save up and before my trip in January I'll do one big buy. I wasn't able to get the more expensive pieces on my wishlist before the increase because I paid off my trip, so all I got was a cles. I'm just hoping that I can save enough between my next two pays to grab everything before the holidays, and so I don't have to wait a few more months!
  5. coping fine. I am not going to buy anything for a while. I need to pay off cc's.
  6. For a long time, I wanted to buy the damier pegase as well but ultimately decided against it. I travel a lot for work and my current suitcase is a lightweight and expandable regular brand. I don't worry about it getting damaged, rammed into the overhead, etc. Once I opened up the pegase in the boutique, I realized that from a capacity perspective, it's much less functional then my current suitcase. There's no expansion, compartments, etc.

    Also, an auntie of mine (family friend) who is loaded and has a full set of LV luggage told me to not buy it. She travels internationally a lot and said that she used to always get stopped by customs for a full check whenever she used her LV luggage. As an experiment, she used a regular case a few times and was not stopped! Whether or not it's true that you're targeted for the LV case is debatable, but personally I decided it wasn't worth the hassle.

  7. Not coping so good... I'm on a ban for a while and that's hard enough... add the price increase in, and man.... just not fair!!
  8. I've come to realize there will always be a bag on my wishlist. So I will always be paying the higher prices until i'm through with LV...which probably will be never. LOL!
  9. Pretty well...there is really 1-2 bags I have on my mind, but not desperate to get them at the moment. Been worried about other things....
  10. I caved in and decided to purchase an Epi Alma in the grenade color. The bag has been on my Wish List for the last the two months and I finallly decided to just go for it.
  11. It sucks bad my friend invited me this weekend to Vegas, I couldn't go for financial reasons. She calls me last night around 11:PM to let me know she bought the bag I wanted and to tell me I need to go get it like now because she was told that the price increase would be on Tuesday. It broke my heart I wasn't planning on getting it until my birthday in October. I will have to wait and get it then but its sucks I have to pay more its has taken me a while as it is to save for it. :wtf:
  12. Do they ever decrease the prices? :shame: or do you think they ever will?
  13. I thought about getting something, but there isn't anything I really really want until the new lines are released. Fortunately. Maybe.
  14. Ditto! :tup:
  15. Terrible. I caved and bought another bag. Now I am really banned! Hopefully,l my fiance gets me that Tate I want! Maybe Christmas! :smooch: