How are you carrying your miroir pap?

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  1. I havent really been out of the house much this weekend since I'm recovering from the flu, so I didn't wear my silver pap yet. I've never had this style bag before, and I'm unsure how to carry it. Is it the size of a papillon 26? It fits on my shoulder with one strap, but then the other strap hangs down. Do I carry it as a hand-held or in the crook of my arm? I can make it fit on my shoulder with both straps, but then my arm smashes down on the purse and it looks weird. I'll try to take some pix later. Any suggestions?
  2. Push it to the back when it on your shoulder. Then the pap wont be smashed :smile:
  3. Stephania--Hope you feel better! The flu SUCKS!! :sad:

    I think it is the cutest to wear it in the crook of your arm...I feel that it best displays the bag:smile:

    Have you taken 'her' out yet?!?! :smile:
  4. The crook of the arm does show it off against your body. But even if you hand-hold it, no one can miss the bling! Get well soon!
  5. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well; hope you get better soon! I would carry the Miroir Papillon as a hand held. It feels weird carrying it as a shoulder bag IMO.
  6. No, I really havent gone anywhere! I will wear it on Tuesday though, I have a little pm party. I really have to take some pix of it too. I put my prada butterfly bag charm on it and it looks really cute!
  7. ^can't wait 2 see pics!! :smile:
  8. I don't have the miroir papillon so you may disregard what I say, but I definitely think it's the cutes worn on the crook of your arm! Hand-held would be very cute too but not so much on the shoulder!

    Get well soon!
  9. i wear mine at the crook of arm, just like sonatine. you will have tons of fun carrying it! share us the pix! :smile:
  10. how does one afford to buy so may lv bags
  11. feel better! i agree with the majority--handheld or crook of the arm is best for the pap style. have fun at your party!
  12. ITA - Crook of the arm is perfect for a papillon, or just hand held. Congrats on getting such a gorgeous bag!!
  13. I've had a few chances to wear my miroir pap, and I got the hang of carrying it. I saw in the visual aid thread the one strap over the other trick for papillons, and it just fits over my shoulder like that. I also carry it hand held and in the crook of my arm. I wore it out shopping, out to dinner, to the movies (i hung it on the arm rest during the movie), out in the rain, on New Year's Eve, and last week when I met PF'er ladystara for the first time so she'd know me right away by my unique bag!
  14. Well I only buy a few bags per year. It used to be 2 max, but this year, since discovering this forum, I bought more, but I didnt buy any other brands or too much clothes this year. Also, I have bought "gently used" bags. I have a good job, and my monthly expenses are low. When it comes time for gifts, I just ask for cash or gift cards so I can combine them to get what I want.
  15. It's such a gorgeous bag!! I haven't seen you on aim lately though :sad: