How are you all waterproofing and conditioning/cleaning your HE bags? +

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  1. I just bought an RM MAB with a crackled gold bottom and I'm clueless as to how to care for it. I'm concerned with staining from any harsh ingredients on the really soft matte leather too. I don't want to change the appearance and make it shiny!

    Thanks! I guess price is no problem when taking care of my bags.. :smile: I really just want to make it last.
  2. I had the same concern about protecting/waterproofing my leather bags. I didn't want anything to stain or change the color of the leather.
    Lexie2000 has several posts here about Wilson's leather protector. I don't have a Wilson's near me so I ordered it online. It is a pump-style spray and it is $8 per bottle. I test spotted one discreet place on one bag, started to panic when it got that really dark wet look, and then it quickly dried back to normal. I have since done nearly all of my leather bags with this one bottle! It is great and absolutely does NOT change the leather color, texture, "shine" or quality in any way.
    If you do a search, you will find many posts about it.
    Good luck!