how are they not sued?

  1. How do people get away with knocking off designers...

    The only difference I can tell is the lock (granted I didn't look at it to closely). I am sure the leather is crap.

    How do they get away with this?
    Even one of the contestants from last year's Apprentice now sells knock offs under her name, I mean good knock offs. How does that work? Just curious why the original designers don't do something.... or if it is even worth it to them. Any know? Just curious since we see so many fakes around!

  2. People who can afford to pay $1000's for designer bags are going to buy the real thing, I know I would. Some people just can't afford them, and look-a-likes are the next best thing. If it gives them a confidence boost, then let it be!
  3. I totally agree with that. I could care less who buys it. I am more interested how "designers" COPY another say like the MUSE above by YSL and get away with it. I don't care who buys it, that doesn't bother me, I am more curious how the "new designer" (such as Melia Bianco above) can sell someone else's design. Not a slight inspiration, but pretty much the same bag....
  4. I am also amazed how they get away with it! Part of me thinks maybe the 'real' designers don't know or perhaps aren't bothered because they know there are plenty of people who will only buy the real deal??

    Answers on a postcard please...:yes:
  5. I read on the PF ages ago that there had to be at least 7 (I think it was 7) changes to a design for it to be legal. Hopefully I wasn't just pulling that out of my butt.
  6. Really - thats interesting - bet they make sure the changes are really tiny aswell!
  7. LVMH tried to sued dooney and burke for their designs that looks like mc line except they change the lv with db.
    and LV lost...
  8. It was a pretty big stretch for LV to sue Dooney. The Dooney bags, although colorful, didn't look much like the MC line. ;) As long as a bag isn't branded with a designer's trademark anywhere (no LVs, for example), it can "look" like a designer bag without actually violating trademark, I believe. Designers themselves are guilty of stealing styles from each other (LV's newest Suhali line looks a bit like Hermes to me!). ;)
  9. Even the top designers copy from each other. Dooney copied the monogram from LV, LV steals from Hermes, YSL copied that brass lock look from Chloe. Its really nothing new. Some of them take styles of the old and recreate them and then take the credit.

    Not everyone can afford to spend that much on a designer handbag, so if they create a more affordable version of something that is in style, and people with no so big spending allowances can buy them, then great!

    Just because someone does not have a fat bank account does not mean they can't look good.

    I sometimes think that a lot of these designers mark their prices because they only want a certain look in their items (and usually that "look" that they don't want are middle to lower income people. The markmanship might be stellar (and some are not, you don't know how many Poleci or Philosophy or Diane von Furstenberg items we have had to return from crappy stitching and ripping seams.)

    But to me some of these designer bags and items are not worth the hefty price tag attached to them.