How are these Mesh Mary Janes?

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  1. Does any body happen to own these mesh mary janes? I've found these on eBay (picture from seller) and wonder how the fit and wearability is. There is a picture on our *celebrities* thread w/ Nicole Richie wearing these (in black), and they look great on her. However, every time I look at these, they seem... um, spiderwoman-y... :thinking:
  2. Can't help with the sizing but LOVE them!
  3. Those are the cathedral mary janes. I bought a pair for a friend and tried them on before I shipped them to her. I have to say they look great on. They were also featured on the Oprah show several times. I'm a US 9 and the 40.5 fit well, but I didn't try on a 40. I think they ran small though. Most people had to size up 1/2 to 1 full size.

    Anne Hathaway has also worn the rose gold leather version.
  4. The black leather version has red stitching by the way. It's just hard to see unless you have a close up photo of them.
    Cathedral Black Leather.JPG Cathedral Rose Gold.JPG