How are the straps in the NF DE doing nowadays?

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  1. hello, guys! I bumped another topic about this subject, but it was very old and I reckon no one will notice it and I wouldn't get any answers.
    The thing is: I'm thinking about purchasing a NF MM DE, but I'm still terrified about the cracked/peeled straps horror stories. However, I haven't found much information about this in more recent threads. Can anyone tell me if this is still an issue? TIA!
  2. i would love to know about this as well, especially with the DE and RB interior coming...
  3. YES, exactly! I can't wait to see the DE with that beautiful rose ballerine interior! Still terrified about the straps, though
  4. I think still not resolved... So Im still not getting it.
  5. I have an NF MM DE that is 10 years old and the straps are holding up wonderfully. On the other hand, I purchased 2 NF MM epis in different colors and the straps on both bags melted. To me, it seems this is a concern just for epi NFs, but I'm sure others will tell you if it is a concern for NF DE. Good luck!
  6. I created a thread similar to this before. So I know the problems of the DE NF. But some say due to lotion and hand sanitizers.
  7. In one of the the original threads someone mentioned lotion and hand sanitizers, but other people (whose DE NFs had cracked and/or peeled straps) said they didn't use these.
  8. I think it's really a problem of the DE coz its treated leather unlike the mono and azur's handles.
  9. I have had my DE NF MM since April of last year and I do not in any way baby that bag. I have a 3 year old and an 8 month old and I constantly sanitize and lotion my hands. I also have that thing packed to the brim constantly so it's super heavy. It's also tossed in my car, sits on the floor etc and still looks as good as it did the day I bought it. I absolutely love this bag. It's definitely my ride or die
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  10. Reading this surely brings hope to my heart!
  11. I know some say that it's like a hit or miss. Some batches are fine, some batches are not. The problem is you cannot really tell. So you can just buy and if something happens then you can just always have it repaired at LV.
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  12. Although I don't own a NF DE, I do own a Speedy B30 and the hardness of the strap worries me. I can see how this type of finish has the potential to crack. The mono straps are so much more comfortable and soft. Too bad LV can't make the DE straps soft like most other companies make their bag straps.
  13. A comment I read that's very recent...

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  14. I have a DE NF MM that is about is a year old and no problems so far. I use it everyday as a laptop and file bag and it has held up beautifully. I really don't baby my bags but I'm not a big lotion or sanitizer user so no insight there. I figure if there are issues, I'll ask LV to fix and repair.
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  15. Yes. Thats just the way it is. If you like it, buy it. If problems arise, then have it repaired. Thats all we can do.