How are the mirror bags holding up?

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  1. My friend's client came to visit her at work last night and had a Mirror Speedy and my friend said it looked kind of beat up and tacky. It is real, she bought it from another SA that my friend is friends with. She kind of made a slight remark about the bag and her client said it is normal wear for the bag. My friend was a bit shocked but said nothing. She knows about TPF and wanted me to ask how these purses are holding up. So far I really haven't seen any posts except for some people saying the handles have some folds or something in them.
  2. well I think it depends... everyone has different judgements on how "damaged" a bag is... eg. my SA showed me the miroir papillon's 'dents' due to the zipper even before anyone purchased it and I was like "HUH??? what? where? I don't see it..." and then a PFer showed us the creases on the straps which I thought was normal.
    Anyhoo, as long as people don't put their bags directly on abrasive surfaces like the cement sidewalk, then the miroir bags should hold up fine imo. Oh ya, I should mention that I don't own any miroir pieces (yet), but the above is just my opinion
  3. i only have a pochette and really only use it on special occasion. so it's really fine. honestly i think everyday use is a no no :sad:
  4. I use my silver Speedy all the time and it looks great! There isn't one problem with it at all (no dents etc.) only a little black speck and a short line up by the handles. But both I did myself and realized it too late (the button on the sleeve of my JC coat caused it). They're not noticeable at all though and IMO, these hold up great with normal use (not daily) and are made a lot better than most people thought they were.
  5. My Speedy has deep creases in the PVC, along the bottom sides of the bag that extend from the points of some of the fleurs.
  6. i dunno, isn't the mirroir vinyl? my sa here in switzerland told me that they didn't even order the bag cuz the swiss perfectionists would never pay that much for a bag that was vinyl..:rolleyes:

    i think the mirroir are very pretty, but i can imagine it getting scuffed.
  7. Yeah, it's PVC.
  8. used mine lots looking great just the same as the day I bought them. they just need a buffing with a soft cloth as it rains alot here and it left water marks but they'll rub off
  9. I have both the gold and silver speedy (yes, I know I am very lucky). The gold looks great and the silver has a few creases. But nothing major. You have to treat your LVs with a lot of care and respect. Never put them down on the floor (they get their own chair at the restaurant) an be careful not to take them out in the rain. Also be aware that zippers/buttons on your clothing might scratch. Enjoy your beautiful bags!
  10. I guess it's the same with every bag , If you look after it well then it should stay looking good.
  11. My silver Miroir Speedy still looks brand new. However, I tend to baby my LVs, especially the silver Speedy. After wearing the Speedy, I always inspect it and clean it with a really soft/non -abrassive cloth before storing it in the dust bag and box. I'm also very careful about not wearing anything that might scratch the Speedy if it should rub against it. Lastly, I'd never place the Speedy, or any hand bag for that matter, directly on the ground or on a dirty or harsh surface.