How are the denim cabas bags holding up?

  1. I still want one......
    I just wanted to ask now that some you you ladies have had these bags for some time, how are they holding up?
    Have you been happy with them?
  2. I'd love to know too--just got one for someone else.
  3. I would LOVE to find the denim tote that someone was lucky enough to get on sale (I think) about a month ago. That was a stunning bag.
  4. I posted about this a month or so ago. My denim cabas handle unraveled at one end! My personal seamstress (my dear mother) hand sewed it back (doable because of the denim) and reinforced all the other handle connections! Altho, easy to fix, I felt that for that price, there should be no quality control issues - I didn't feel it was worth it to send it back to Chanel (the SA did volunteer) because probably wouldn't get it back for a few months! Still love it, but a little disappointed in the quality!

  5. Is it the one I have/posted?

    I love this bag so much! I think there may be a few floating around that are on SECOND cut now, so, they are even less than I got mine for! You should try some of the various SAs that are mentioned around here frequently. I think Chanelboy had one at his store, but I also think it's gone. I've also seen a couple pop up on eBay lately, if you choose to go that route! Good luck! I like this tote so much more than the cabas. I tried on the cabas after this one and this one was just so much nicer, imo.
  6. Per my Neimans SA- I got the last one in the company.. She called each and every store and was able to get me one from the Neimans in Beverly Hills. I am not happy right now because I still do not have it. I ordered it last Wednesday and its been over a week. I can not wait to get my hands on it. If you can not find it at Neimans, I'd say try saks and even call the chanel 800 I don't even know if the Chanel boutiques had this line.
    I got it at Neimans for 826.00

  7. I had the denim Cabas and returned it because the material had a little pull on the front. It is hard to describe, but basically it was a small pull that looked like a white stitch - very obvious against the dark denim. I just didn't want to chance that more pulls like that might appear with wear, so I had to return it. Plus - the denim didn't slouch the way that the leather did.
  8. I saw and tried it over the secondhand shops here in HK.. I don't like it and neither my hubby.. So I didn't go for it..
  9. i saw it at the boutique and it looked like it wasn't made very well. i've also heard horror stories like the one posted above.
  10. wow the denim line went on sale? =( i wish i was in the us...
  11. Well I got mine from Bond St, London, fresh and untouched! It's perfect. I LOVE it - lots of compliments too. It holds everything you'll ever need and because it's denim, you don't feel nervous if someone else touches it by accident!

  12. Bulletproofsoul....we have the same denim tote and i adore mine too. Its the least worrisome Chanel I can imagine owning, plus chic and understated. And very very very few people have it.

    yaaaay for us! LOL

  13. LOL! You inspired ME to find this pretty thing! I saw your pictures and fell in love and then saw in in NM and figured it was fate! It's been my favorite summer bag this year!