How are the Darel bags working out?

  1. I added my name to a waiting list in Jan, but was never contacted. I know that the store has received their shipments, but wondered how all of the new GD owners liked their summer colors? I have a grey GD with the single buckle flap, but wondered about the style without the flap. How do you all like yours?
  2. Hi tln,
    Are you waiting for the charlotte bag (24 hrs)? Perhaps you can speed up the process by calling Isbella, the distributor of Darel in US. They were able to hook me up with a retailer who has it in stock.
  3. I love mine. It is very roomy and the wide straps are comfortable on my shoulder.
    Gerard Darel.JPG
  4. i finally got to see a GD bag in person yesterday ...and i wasn't as impressed as i thought i would be. i didn't find the leather as soft and amazing as i've been is a lovely bag though at a great price.
  5. I'm really liking mine, and actually like the black bag better than the tan. The black leather is nicer, IMO.
  6. pseub>> is your black leather smooth or pebbly? thanx
  7. It's smooth and very soft with a slight shine. But definitely has some grain.
  8. Is this the tan from Ballissimo? There are so many versions of this color! I did email back and forth for a while with the Isabel lady, but she suggested that I go through BG. I'm trying to see if this bag is worth the effort to track it down. I really like my grey, so I was hoping for some reviews from those that actually got the bag in the tan-or creme for that matter.
  9. Isabella also told me that the bags will be sold at Neiman nationwide. Unfortunately, I don't have a contact there to help you. I got kind of fed up cus' I called BG half a dozen times and got transferred to half a dozen departments. Bellisimo lady said she had one in black, but that was a week ago. She suggested anyone who would be interested to keep calling once a week.
  10. By any chance did she say when Neiman's would carry them?
  11. She said it will be available at all Neiman locations. Try calling her during office hour. I don't remember her name, but she is the person in charge of Darel stuff. She actually asked me what color I wanted and directed me to a boutique that got one.
  12. If you decide to go through BG, ask for Ilona. She helped me and was VERY nice and helpful!
  13. i just love all my GD bags:love: :love: :love:
    I'm so glad that we finally have great weather in berlin i can finally enjoy all the summer colors!!!!:biggrin:
  14. I haven't posted on this yet but I have the GD in the old leather. It is a great bag (though I haven't used it yet). I am curious to see the new bags so hopefully the NM near me will carry them.
  15. I have a first generation GD bag (old leather) and it's holding up really well.