How are the Cotton Club Ligne Stocks??

  1. I’m just wondering.. How’s the Cotton Club Ligne Stocks going on?? Are there still a lot in USA right now?
  2. I saw two pouchettes and three totes at NM yesterday. They just came in.
  3. ^in what color and is it large?
  4. I saw two reporters at NM - blue and light silver.
  5. So there are still a lot of stocks in US, right? Because if it still has a lot of stocks in US... I'm not going to rush with buying my CC Bowler and CC Large Tote... I really, really, really need a purseban.. huhuhu...
  6. When I was looking for a brown Cambon tote, an s/a at NM tried to talk me into the large CC tote, but I told her I already had one!
  7. I saw the blue one... it's a great summer color - I wish I could pick it up right now... but stoopid ban.
  8. I want the silver and the bronze... is it still available? a lot of stocks?
  9. There's a silver large tote at the NM in King of Prussia, PA.

    The bronze and blue are my favorite colors in this ligne. Rica - just an FYI that the straps on the bowler are quite long and look odd in proportion to the body of the bag. The tote is a much better option for the price point.
  10. Oh ic.. Thanks roey! I tried the cc bowler before and it just fits well for me.. My bad.. I didn't take it... :sad:
  11. has anyone seen the black cotton club anywhere? I too like the silver but decided on the black
  12. Nordstrom Mall of America has the black bowler and silver bowler. I believe that all Nordstrom boutiques only have the bowler style left from this collection.
  13. Awww.. I love the bronze bowler... :sad: How much is the price Chanelboy?
  14. $1750
  15. Thanks! That's informative! :biggrin: You're great!