How are the B's doing???

  1. I thought they were going to be a massive hit - like the spy ... but I see more threads on the spy (a real winner in my book) ... and I see NO ONE carrying a B - not in Hong Kong anyway ...

    Are they selling well elsewhere? Seems like there are tons of them to be had on eLux or Saks ...
  2. I think they're "big" ish in LA. I tried to find one and finally did at Barneys, but Neiman Marcus had a order/wait list for them! The medium sized ones... not the super huge ones... :smile:
  3. like this one...

    its the one i have.. i love it.. but i can see its not for everyone :smile:
  4. I would totally love to have a patent leather B bag in a crazy, bright color like red or blue. The price on these bags are prohibitive, though, that I'd rather spend that kind of money on a more "safe" choice that I won't shove to the back of my closet.
  5. I am not a fan :shame: and I don't think they would be around for as long as other Fendi styles. I couldn't be wrong though.
  6. yeah.. its definately not for everyone, I loved it when I saw it... heee its a really fun kitchy style... will it have lasting power? probably not as its not teh most functional (like the spy) :smile:
  7. I have the brown calfskin one and I love it, but I don't love it that Sharon Stone's carrying it. Don't like her, so I hope I see more pictures of my favorite celebs carrying it soon!
  8. Fendi inside Bellagio...Las Vegas had several in their window last week. Not a fan, but if someone is looking for one, maybe give them a call.
  9. Reese Witherspoon with black Bbag.
  10. I love tan/black bbag in small. I am calling my local stores for it.
  11. I saw the black with lace a few months ago and fell in love with it. but its 5000!! for heaven sakes, i love it but not enough to spend that much. i am looking for a safer bet...perhaps the tan in the med. I think this bag is for selected bag lovers...thats why I want one!! :love:
  12. i have yet to see one around here other than on stores shelves.
  13. i've seen one chick carrying a tan/black one... :smile: i guess i just thought they were "big"ish cuz of the wait list at NM?? oh well
  14. I'm not a fan of it either. I keep on thinking about someone's comment that it looked like boobs.
  15. HAhAH i do have to admit the tan/black ones sort of do look like boobs... because of the erie flesh tone of the tan... trippy! LOL