How are people getting the SS08 bags already?

  1. I thought the new colors weren't going to be released until next year. How are people getting the new bags already?
  2. It's called having connections!!!!

    Otherwise, you're guess is as good as mine!!!!
  3. That's what I was wondering; someone said that in a season there are the pre collection colours and then the actual season's colours. Since we haven't seen EB yet, I assume that is in the actual season collection.
  4. The pre collection has been released so if you were on a wait list then you could get one. The collection colors won't be in until Jan/Feb.
  5. Electric Blue is a pre-collection color, as is sky blue. It seems that the pre-collection colors started arriving earlier than anyone thought they would. Estimates of electric blue are early January now!
    Collection colors will be sometime between February-April.

    If you want them you should put yourself on the waitlist at BalNY :smile:
  6. I am on the waitlist at BalNY. I hope they don't forget about me since I've only bought one BBag there!