How are MBMJ jeans?

  1. In terms of good quality denim and fit, what do you ladies think?
  2. What's MBMJ?
  3. marc by marc jacobs
  4. Ahhhh I thought that may be the case.....TBH I didn't know he was doing jeans now
  5. Absolutely amazing! I have three pairs. The Chrissie cut is my favorite. The fit is great and the quality is amazing. I like that I don't have to hem mine either. I'm short and MbyMJ has shorter inseams.
  6. shortness sounds good! I'm tiny. how short are you?
  7. I have 2 pairs and I LOVE them! One are dark blue and skinny...the other's light grey and are capris! I'm 5'3.5" and although the skinny jeans could be altered, I kept them at the original length and let them bunch up a little. The capris fit like a dream on me too!
  8. I'm going to try them on next time I get the chance. Do they fit true to size?
  9. I love MBMJ. His jeans are a really good fit.
  10. I think they fit true to size. I tend to waver between 24 and 25 but in MBMJ I'm a 25 for sure.
  11. I have a few pairs and find they run a little large.
  12. ahhh i wish they would fit me! :sad: they are unfortunately too big for me, all MBMJ jeans run big...