how are Hype handbags?

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  1. I saw a few cute ones on bluefly and theyre decently priced...but im wondering if the quality is worth it? tia!
  2. I've been wondering this too, they definitely have some great styles!
    I guess your paying more for the styling than the quality of the materials. I would think they'd be good for trendy bags but not if your looking for something that will last a long time and take a beating :p
  3. love hype bags...I don't know the name of it, but I love the doctor frame bag with the big buckle on the flap of the pocket. I just had it delivered to my office, and everyone loved it. The price is right, and the leather felt really good.
  4. I have a few Hype Handbags and they are actually really good bags for a good price. I agree that they are pretty trendy and they actually do hold up very well so I wouldn't be worried about using one as an everyday bag because the ones I've had can certainly take a beating.
  5. I personally don't like Hype bags. I bought two bags at 70% off, final sale, from an online store that was going out of business. They looked nice in the pictures but had flimsy leather and looked really cheap in person.
  6. I love my Hype bag. I have the Everest Satchel in Chocolate. The leather is squishy and yummy and the prices are TDF!! I would absolutly recommend them!!
  7. I had a Hype bag and I loved it. It was featured long ago in Lucky and I had to get it. It was a hard search but once I had it, it was well loved. Now, my cousin gets to enjoy it.
  8. I never really paid attention to the brand, thinking that it was too trendy looking, or looked too "inexpensive"...BUT.....I saw two bags the other day at an upscale boutique and picked up one cuz it was so good looking (the one referenced above, satchel with a big buckle on the front) and to my shock - it was a Hype bag. The inside lining is very colorful and the bag just felt good. The SA showed me another bag, a hobo style, and the leather was so soft....and the details on the bag (pintucking, pockets with magnets, the stitching on the strap) were just great. least these Hype bags really are worth a "hype"!!!!!
  9. I love Hype bags. Not the best quality but it worth the money. And good for everyday carry around. Marshalls and TJ MAx always have them.
  10. i got one from bluefly too- the croisette and i'm using it now for work. the leather is soft but it looks like it's durable. i'm getting a lot of compliments coz' it has lots of pockets; has a colorful lining ; smells good and it's not heavy. here are some pics ...

  11. I love big bags that can carry all my things, unfortunately I haven't seen any Hype bags here in my country
  12. I always see a lot of Hype bags at TJ Maxx, if you're looking for another place to get them at a discount. :tup:
  13. Hrm..this might sound like a dumb question but do they come with dustbags? :p
  14. Yes, they do come with dustbags but if you get them at Marshalls or TJMaxx, dustbags are not guaranteed since sometime's they're missing.