How are going to remember your loved ones on Valentine's Day?

  1. I really want to know what everyone is doing for Valentine's. Whether it's sending cards to your friends or having dinner with your SO, please post!

    Myself, I've never really been into Valentine's Day much, but this year I'm going to send flowers to someone I love that I haven't seen in over six months. I'm going to send them anonymously with lyrics from Emilie Simon's 'Flowers' attached, we'll see if he figures out who they're from... ;)
  2. Dinner and sexual relations w/ the hubby. I also talked him into chipping in for a Chanel.
  3. I'm actually making my BF an old school and pink heart with white lace, glitter, and macaroni!!! Lol freshman in college can't afford all these great things, so I'm making something from the heart :p.

    I don't think we're doing anything special. I'm not really into spending money just to show how much you love someone. As long as he knows how much I appreciate and love him, that's what matters :tender:!
  4. Our plans are still in the air.....DH's b-day is on the 16th so we kinda lump everything together. I send lots of cards.....we just got a big screen HD tv last week so that is my present. I still don't know what to get DH. My son usually makes me a card and buys me some flowers.

  5. DH and I are going to the Villagio Spa and Hotel the week after Valentine's Day up in Napa. The reason we're going the week after is because the hotel required a 2-night stay the weekend of Valentine's Day and budget-wise we can only afford one night. We're having massages in the afternoon, then dinner at Bouchon for the first time, so I'm really looking forward to it. Yummy!
  6. I have a great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I met DH at college. We were sophomore's at a two year college, so it was our last year. I did not have plans to continue college.

    I (somehow!!) had been elected for Homecoming Queen. Let me tell you, that was so far off it wasn't even funny!

    I had a date to the dance. Then he dumped me. Two nights before the dance. I said to my friend, "This is my last dance in my school history, I am not going alone!!!" So the hunt began.

    I had seen DH around college. It was a no brainer. I began the hunt for DH. (Let me clarify...I was NOT hunting for a HUSBAND....just a date to the dance!!!)

    So, I left a note on his car, a message on his cell phone, a note on his white board at his dorm door...and got me a date to the dance!

    So we went with some friends from school. We had a good time! They went on a beer run (my date and my girl friend...didn't think anything of it...) and after the dance we went to a house that he was house-sitting...talked all night. We tried to kiss once and my girl friend shot that down...

    So that week we hung out almost every night. That weekend was Valentine's Day! (There is a point to my story...just bear with me...)

    He went skiing that weekend. I got all excited and went to Wal-Mart and got a poster board, conversation candy hearts, glitter pens, the whole 9 yards!

    I made this HUGE old school Valentine's card. Took me 12 hours to make the damn thing. I went to his room, placed it under the door and wrote on this white board, "Watch your step!"

    Girls and boys, I didn't hear from him for 2 months!!!! Nothing, didn't call, I didn't even run into him at school, ANYWHERE!!!

    So two months later, I see him for a BRIEF second at the store. All those feelings came rushing back and I was hurt!

    So we had a big dorm meeting one night shortly after that, and he was there. Another girlfriend of mine and I decided to go eat our sad man feelings away and went out to eat after our meeting.

    As we are driving home, we noticed a car was following us...flashing it's lights at us so we pulled over. It was DH!!!

    He got in my car (GF got out so we could talk...) and we've been together EVER SINCE!!!!!

    We talk about that dang Valentine's day card every year! There will be a day when I make him one just like the one before...but it was such a great laugh!! Later, of course!!!
  7. No SO & kids will be going out to dinner with theirs so I guess I won't be receiving or giving :sad:
  8. Nada....DH & I refuse to celebrate a Hallmark Holiday LOL! The next night I'll be dragging him to the Spice Girls....him coming along is a testament to his love LMAO!
  9. haha this made me giggle :smile:
    I told DH I wanted a new Choo, but ended up getting a new car instead (which I'm not complaining about in the least lol) so I think I'm gonna have to hold out on the Choo until my b-day March 2. So rather than shopping we'll be doing the same ; dinner and sexual relations lol...
  10. Dh got me some LV hearts & Chanel earrings I used them already so far I have only got him an agenda refill I'm a bad girlfriend!

    Sadly we are both working that night so no big plans
  11. I'm in AZ on TDY and my DH is home in we can't really do anything. We'll make up for it in July when he gets home from his duty in Texas for four months!

  12. Duty in Tx? Where at?
  13. I'm single... :crybaby:
  14. I think I will send to him flowers (to be original) and I will make a chocolate cake only for him..with a lot of cream. (he loves cakes).
    I asked him a pop corn machine as a gift...:welcome:(to be original again:roflmfao:)