how are dolce vita shoes? i came very close to buying a pair but the SA talked me

  1. out of it, basically calling it crap. are they very poorly made?
  2. I have a pair of sandals and it didn't hold up that well.
  3. I have two pairs of heels and haven't had any issues with them holding up. I bought them almost a year ago. They just don't have any cushioning so I would avoid anything with a high heel. I can wear them to work (for an office job) but I couldn't wear them for shopping or anything where I'm on my feet for too long.

    There is only one flaw to the shoes. I hit them against something (probably a table in a conference room) and there is a small gash in the heel but it's not too bad/noticable. I also had to have new tips put on the heel after only a month... which is too short. Since I had the tip redone, I haven't had to do it since. It was a pain, but wan't a big deal since it was only $10 to repair.

    They have a leather sole so I had a cobbler put on a rubber sole over the leather sole to protect it. It will also make the sole last longer and it will be cheaper to resole. I don't know if this has anything to do with it.

    Here's a pic of the ones I have. I have them in black and brown patent leather:

    Zappos has a lot of reviews so you may be able to find some for the particular shoe you were looking at.

    IMO I find the quality similar to a brand like Steve Madden. I think they are pricey at full-price but are a decent cheaper shoe with some nice touches like the leather soles. I would't buy them as an investment pair.
  4. they're a nice trendy shoe if you don't want to pay alot. i was a dresser for a certain fashion show recently, and they used dolce vitas exclusively for the show. i just don't know how they would hold up in the long run. and they are definitely not an investment shoe brand, as zoeyzoo said.
  5. i have dolce vita flats and they've held up really well over the last 8 months or so. a very cute shoe, shows a little toe cleavage. not the most comfortable shoe - no cushioning at all though.

    i'd say they're comparable in quality and durability to other brands in that price range (less than $150).

    i bought mine from Zappos.
  6. I only have one type of DV's (I say "type" because I bought them in four colors...), and they've held up decently. My only complaint is that they got dirty very easily.

    Other than that, I'm obsessed with these particular sandals. I've worn them pretty much daily this summer.
  7. I just bought some open toe flats from Nordstrom. My BF is assistant manager and wears them to work no problem. Hers have held up quite well, so I trust mine will too!
  8. i have a pair of DV flats and they are comfy and holding up well. i don't think they are poorly made. what specifically did the SA say about them?
  9. she said they are meant to be worn for a few weeks and then tossed out. they are made of cardboard, i can cut it up open and you will see nothing but carboard paper. i was asking if she had another pair becuase the one i tried on had a lot of gluemarks, she said this is a "good looking" pair, she has seen many pairs that were alot worse looking.
  10. ^wow, really? cardboard? that's really terrible. the flats i have...the leather feels really nice and the sole looks like leather, but this sounds concerning.
  11. i made a mistake for buying them at retail online without seeing it IRL. the soles r are of cardboard like what takeoutbox said.
  12. Yea I saw these at Nordies as well with some cute styles but didn't bother to get them, as I too was concerned with the quality.
  13. I have a pair and they are OK. Cute, but not much cushion like people have said. I did have a problem where the lining on the shoe came unglued and I had to fix it. They are a great summer shoe and come in some nice colors. I'm not too concerned about longevity since they are in a color combo that probably won't hold up over too many seasons.
  14. [​IMG]

    I'm really torn about buying these Aegean flats. They're soo cute, and I have an obssession with leather woven chains, but the sole just seems really thin. It seems there is no arch support and I'm worried they'll get worn out too quickly. Soooo cute though.
  15. i have three pairs of flats and one pair of wedges and all of them have held up wonderfully!! Yes, they are thin and there is no cushion, but they really arent that uncomfterable...i would suggest you get them!