How are all my NY or eastern bloggers doing w/ the snow?

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  1. So I was just starting dinner w/ the news on in my kitchen, doors and windows open to let a nice gentle warm breeze pass through the house, when I saw all the snow back East!!!!!!!! It's 76-78 degrees here and truly I feel bad, I honestly do ;) . Just wondered how y'all are doing out there and if y'all have run into any troubles commuting or even shopping (ha!)??? Do the weathermen even know when and if it's going to let up?
  2. IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY HERE IN NEW YORK, the snow started melting already. It was nice to wake up with the snow outside. My boyfriend and I have a huge Lexus truck so I made it to the mall today. :smile:
  3. I go to cut off from my university. Due to the weather is was hard to commute and they closed it for the day. I'm in NJ.
  4. i can't believe i had school today plus a 10 AM interview......what a miserable commute........but the snow is absolutely gorgeous and the beautiful weather did start melting it very quickly so can't complain.......
  5. What are the temps now? Minnie- glad to see you got to head out to the mall! Thank God for SUV's! :biggrin: Get anything worthwhile??
  6. Thanks for asking, Jasanna143! We're doing fine here. The sun was shining. I didn't have a deposition until 11:00 a.m. this morning so by that time the roads were clear. It was smooth sailing! It really looks pretty though. It's a winter wonderland ... yippeee!!!!
  7. I live in upstate NY, but we only have 6 inches here. I wouldn't mind having more snow, it's so pretty
  8. Well that's certainly great news! Hopefully not too many car accidents w/ the roads clearing up. I saw the footage this evening and man, was it horrific looking! I have to say it's pretty looking at it from across the country. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow but I don't want to bundle up just to run to the grocery store!;)
  9. i didn't get anything , just a couple of fashion magazines and a starbucks cap. The weather in NY is warming up int he next few days its suppose to be in the lower 50s. This winter was very warm.
  10. I almost slipped going to the bus stop. Not fun.
  11. Well dont rub it in !!! LOL

    I personally was not effected by the huge snow fall, both kids are in private schools and its rare for them to get snow days off, ( Thank God! ) Husband and I just whizzed around in cabs.
    On Sunday the Kids got together with friends for a giant snowball fight in the park.

    Then hot chocolate.
  12. i didn't go out of the house today so it was quite nice for me! lol school was cancelled and so since the mustang is SO bad in the snow i decided to stay home and hang out by the fire with my puppies... all in all i loooove the snow
  13. SoCal girl trying to get home from NYC yesterday...

    1.5 hour cab ride to JFK Sunday morning (scariest of my life!)
    8.5 hours waiting in airport (absolute chaos...actually got on stand-by flight...finally!)
    2.5 hours waiting on plane before take off (de-ice, de-ice, watch for plane that skidded off runway)
    5.5 hour flight (salt from cashews stings lips destroyed from tension of day)
    45 minute drive home from airport (hope for 4 hours of sleep before work...)
  14. Getting home safely and sleeping in your own bed: priceless!

    LOL! Glad you made it home ok considering the circumstances!
  15. Ohhh..snowball fights..those were the days. I think I'm going to suggest to my boss that we have annual snowball fights during work hours..or in AZ it would have to be tumbleweed fights...actually...that sounds kinda painful...ouch!:huh: