1. Did u guys know that the BERKLEY BAG is NOW NOT coming in till NOVEMBER?????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They keep changing the freakin dates!!!!WTH?

    I think I have also decided against the Khaki LOVE tote I got..Hatin it...It was sent from a NEW ORLEANS LV that the 1866 number gave me and they just informed me that BECAUSE its inside a Saks..I have to return the bag to a Saks???WTH???PITA.I was goin to K of P today....they will only exchange..NOT return a Saks LV BAG!Now I have to shlep it to a SAKS..UGH..and I cant stand my SAKS store...heehee.....its tiny.OH WELL..Just thought Id share my annoying issues today..heehee..and give ya all a heads up on the new launch date..SIGH(PS- I saw the managers book with the NEW release its definate)
  2. Are you serious!! I asked last week and they told my July so I've been super excited b/c i can't wait to get my hands on it. What a bummer!!
  3. that poor bags had about 4 dates it was even up on site for a while very annoying!!!
  4. why not just get something else @ your LV and that way you dont have to go to the saks you hate? You know you want more LV!!! IK I DO LOL
  5. [​IMG]nnnooovemmmberrrrr?[​IMG]
  6. November?!?:sad: Owell i guess i will have time to save.
  7. How annoying, I feel your pain.
    I hope you get something at LV to make up for it.:graucho:
  8. This is good news in least for me. I bought the Amarante Summit Drive this morning so the Azur Berkeley will have to wait. So November it is. I am okay with it.

    Perhaps another LV for your troubles? That ought to pick you up right away. lol
  9. Man that sucks- wasn't it supposed to be released next month?
  10. awww. i really like the berkley. more time to save i guess.
  11. November?!?!?! Ahh, I can't wait that long. Maybe, in the end, it will be a good thing.
  12. ^^^UGH JILL...I found the whole Saks thing out the hard way today! They would only do store credit at a normal LV store....didn't bug me too much since I bought another bag LOLOL
  13. yes, i found this out on thursday :sad: very disappointed.
  14. i feel the same way. i'm thinking it's going to be a birthday present, but i can't decide between the berkeley or the duomo so i have to see the berkeley in real life before i make a decision. but my birthday is in november and i usually don't get my present until we go up to the city within the few weeks after so it's fine. i have other things i want to buy myself before then. haha.
  15. This is a shock to me! I was chatting with Karmen on Facebook last nite when I heard this Heart-breaking news..NOVEMBER! aargh!
    I had to find out for sure and couldn't find this earlier so I called Banff LV and the manager will help to confirm but I'm sure you guys are right about this one.

    Oh well, maybe this is a good thing, but this is the only LV bag I have been drooling over (not even my first bag got this much drooling...:roflmfao:). I guess I could wait til November considering I just got the Sunset Boulevard, haven't used it yet and eyeing the Beverly! OMG tPF...what have you done to me!!!:graucho::roflmfao:

    Thanks for the info Jill.