How and Why?

  1. I am a newbie here... Out of curiosity- Why would someone put a brand new '08 Bbag on eBay, with a buy-it-now price that's barely over what it would cost at retail? It looks auth, but I'm certainly no expert-
  2. well looks like they're in the know of what will be coveted this season. maybe they're employees of stores that carry the item and got it discounted and are wanting to make a profit.
  3. Or perhaps you are referring to one of the retailers on eBay like hgbags who is a trusted retailer of new Bal bags?
  4. Or maybe they don't want their SA to lose the commission if they return the bag or maybe they bought at BalNY which doesn't offer refunds and only 2 exchanges per lifetime....
  5. omg? two exchanges per lifetime at BalNY? really? i didn't know this. another reason to stay away.
  6. I have to be honest in that whenever I see a bag on eBay that is still in stores, I am somewhat suspicious. I saw a bg first on ebay for less than retail.
  7. I know I have sold a few things that I bought and then you decide you dont really love it but you cant return. Especially Bbags that you like but then you see another color or model that you like more etc and say too much time has passed for the exchange period etc. Like Bal NYC has such rigid policies so sometimes you get stuck with your purchases.
  8. This certainly makes sense.